Whenever we feel disorientation in our life then inspiration motivates us to work towards our goal. There can be many sources of this inspiration, it can be parents, family and society as well as motivational Short Story. So let’s read these stories.

Short story not only entertain us, but there are many stories that affect us so much that we turn our life in a new direction. In this article, we will read 10 Short motivational Story. Hope you like this page. Find more Stories from here.

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10 Inspirational Hindi Stories

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Short Story : food is not available for free

Once a king decided to get all the wise things of history written down so that it could be passed on to the generations to come.

He called his advisors and told all these things. After a lot of hard work, the advisors wrote many books on all the sensible things of history and presented them to the king.

Seeing so many books, the king felt that people would not be able to read so many books, so he asked his advisors to reduce it further.

The advisors worked on it again and this time all those books were condensed into one book and presented to the king again.

The king found even that one book very difficult. The advisors worked on it again and this time converting that one book into a chapter and presenting it again to the king. But even this one chapter took the king too long.

The king needed something that future generations could understand. Again the advisors worked on it and presented it to the king by shortening it to just one page but it was too long for the king.

Eventually they came to the king with only one sentence and the king was completely satisfied with that sentence.

The king decided that if there is only one sensible sentence to be passed on to the coming generations, then it would be this sentence, “Food is not available for free”!

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Short Story : Wealth, Glory and Success

In a village, a woodcutter lived with his wife and son. He used to chop wood throughout the day and sell it in the nearby market, the income that he earned was used to run his family.

It was a matter of one day that he was having food in his house when someone knocked on the door. He asked his boy to open the door to see who was outside.

When the boy opened the door, four sages were standing outside. He told the boy his name as wealth, glory, success and labor respectively and said that we are hungry. The boy ran and told everything to his father.

The woodcutter asked to bring the four sadhus inside with respect. The boy went to the door and asked the four sadhus to come inside; But the sadhus put a condition and said that only one of us will go inside and whoever goes inside will take the effect of his name.

The boy again went to his father and told these things. Now the woodcutter was wondering who to call. The woodcutter’s wife wanted to call success, he himself wanted to call money.

Both were distracted, they were not able to think who to call! Then the boy said that we earn and eat by working hard anyway, so why not call labor.

The woodcutter finally agreed. The boy went to the door and asked Shram to come in, but as soon as labor started coming in, the other three sages also started coming back and forth; So the boy asked curiously that I have called only labor, then why are you coming inside. The rest gave a very beautiful answer and said that where there will be labor, we will be there.

This story gives us the same education that if we work hard with a sincere heart, then we get all three wealth, glory and success.

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Short Story : True resolutions do not remain incomplete

Shimak is suffering from severe cold fever, his sons and grandsons have made good arrangements for treatment, yet they are taking only nominal medicine, they say that the work of medicine is only to stop the effect of poison, not to destroy the disease. That work is done by nature itself. Then why should we interfere in that?

But this statement of his was also given the same meaning which was used till now i.e. Shimak is a big miser. Despite having a lot of money in the house, he can neither eat well nor wear well, let alone giving to children, now when his own life is in danger, even then he is so attached to money. If miserliness is not a stigma then what is?

Many times, Sheemak had also met many such people, who had said on his face – Shimak, do not do so much miserliness, sometimes some charity, sometimes some virtue, pilgrimage, Brahmin feast, city feast, do something like this. Pour it so that this money goes to waste. If he died then that money got in the hands of someone else, then what is the use of this earning of yours?’!

Shimak laughs and good! Good !! Saying that he would have avoided the incident. When such occasions came, looking at Shimak’s face and posture while looking away, it seemed as if he wanted to find something in the distant future, even his son’s family could not understand this till today.

Acharya Mahidhar was seen more worried than Shimak was sitting today. He interpreted the Vedas with great diligence. The commentary is also such that any scholar who reads it would have been blessed, but today due to lack of money, Mahidhar himself had become so disappointed that he had started finding all his austerity meaningless.

He wanted this commentary on the Vedas to reach door-to-door so that the influence of Buddhists could be stopped, but his aspiration remained aspiration. No solution could be found.

When Shimak heard this news, he quietly left the house. Where did Shimak go, searched for several days was not found.

After a long time, when Mahidhara’s Vedas and commentaries began to reach from door to door, people heard so much that one of the gods had come to him and gave him all his wealth and said – “Acharya Pravar! Good wishes don’t stop due to lack of money, this is my lifetime earning, take it to work and bless my life.’!

After that the great man was never seen again. It is said that Sheemak had become a resident for the last sadhana after taking Vanaprastha.

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Short Story : money is not right here, right somewhere else

A man had a lot of wealth, but by nature he was miserly. He could neither eat nor drink himself, nor could he give it to anyone. He did not keep his money in the house so that no thief-robber could steal it. So he buried all his wealth by digging a pit in a forest outside the village. On the second or third day he would go and see that place silently. He was very proud of himself.

Once a thief got suspicious, he followed the miser silently and came sneaking up. It did not take him long to understand that something valuable must have been buried at this place.

When the miser came home after circling, the thief got all the money by digging and got away from there.

The next day when the miser again went to see his hidden wealth, he saw the ground carved. There was a heap of mud around and an empty pit in the middle. All his money was gone. He could not bear such a great loss.

Holding his head, he started crying loudly – “Hi I was robbed, thieves took away all my life’s earnings.” Hearing the cries and shouts, many people living nearby came to the forest. He inquired and inquired about the whole situation.

A man said while explaining – “Seth ji! Money had not come to your work even before and could not come in your life. Yes, you must have had a right over it and left it hidden here.

Now if the money went from here to some other place, then what was your loss, because it was useless for you, that’s why you used to bury it. What is the need to be sad in such a situation.”

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Short Story : curse on diseases

It is about the time when diseases used to live on a mountain. The mountain would raise her like her own daughter. Sickness accepted his grace and was willing to do any favors, but the mountain did not need his services.

A few days passed. A farmer faced some shortage of cultivable land. And there was no land anywhere, because the mountain itself was standing on a lot of ground. That’s why the hardworking farmer got involved in cutting the mountain and making it flat.

The farmer made a lot of land cultivable. Seeing this, other farmers also gathered. The number of farmers soon reached hundreds. Seeing such a continuous body cut, the mountain panicked and started looking for ways to protect itself.

And he could not understand anything – yes, he did remember the diseases growing in his coat. So he collected all the diseases and asked – will you guys repay our favors?!’

The diseases had already been told. He said – “You may gladly order, what can we serve you?” The mountain pointed to the farmers using shovel and spade and said – “Daughters! Look, here are my enemies, they are cutting me into ruins. All of you, pounce on them and annihilate those who destroy me.”

The diseases progressed with their respective weapons and engulfed the bodies of the peasants. But the farmers were busy in their tune.

The faster the shovels were used, the more sweating would come out and all the diseases would have been washed away and fallen down. Took a lot of effort, but one disease did not last. Leaving a good place, he had to become a filth-dweller, so different.

When the mountain saw that diseases could not protect him, he became very angry and cursed – I raised you like daughters, yet you could not do even a little work for me. Stay where you are now.’”

Since then, diseases always find shelter in the dirt and even if they are illiterate hard work, they lead a healthy life – this rule is going on till now.

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have no interest

The newly-initiated disciple said – “Gurudev! I don’t feel like worshipping. The mind is not firm towards God.’!

The Guru looked at the disciple with a serious look and as if he had understood something, he said – ‘You say the truth, Vatsa! There will be no attention here. We will do meditation by walking elsewhere, there will be meditation.

Will leave from here today evening itself. Evening!’ The disciple asked a question in a worried voice, to which the Guru did not give any answer.

With the sunset, both of them started walking towards one side. In the hand of the guru was only a kamandal, in the hand of the disciple was a bag, which he was carrying very diligently.

On the way came a well. The disciple expressed the apprehension of defecation. Both stopped. Very carefully he kept the bag with the master and went to the toilet. As he went, he looked at the bag several times.

“Damn!’ A loud echo was heard and ‘something got stuck in the well’ lying in the bag. The disciple came running and said in a worried voice – “Lord! There was a gold brick in the bag, so what happened? Went to the well, now let’s say, let’s say, then let’s go back to the place from where we have come, now there will be no worry about not paying attention.

Exhaling a long breath, the disciple said – ‘Truly Gurudev! Without giving up attachment from the mind, no one can concentrate on any work.

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Story of Deepak

This is the story of a family. If it was evening, then all the household chores would have come to a standstill. After lighting the fire, everyone would sit and curse the darkness arbitrarily.

Some say that God also feels that he did not have intellect, he kept it in darkness, then some would say, in this darkness, he suffocates, God has done a lot of atrocities with us.

This sequence continued for years, but the people of that family did not think of a way to escape from the darkness. The eldest son got married, then the daughter-in-law came.

The members of the household increased by one. But even this small increase was very big, because the daughter-in-law was educated and intelligent.

‘First day first evening. Her husband said – “There is so much darkness in the house, dear! How to welcome you What would have gone wrong if God had not made this evil darkness.

The wife laughed at the innocence of her husband. He said- “My god! Darkness is not an independent entity, darkness is another name for the absence of light.” The husband was illiterate, he still did not understand anything.

Then the daughter-in-law got up and brought a lamp. Poured oil from the house in it and then brought some cotton. Make a lamp and put it in a lamp and then burn it with fire.

A lot of darkness of the house surrounded by years was reduced in a moment, do not know where it has set. Everyone in the house jumped with joy, everyone performed the aarti of the daughter-in-law and welcomed her with dahi misri.

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Short Story : attachment is bondage

Kakbhushundi ji once had a desire to know whether there is such a long-lived person in the world, who is also a scholar but has not attained enlightenment? To find out about this, Maharishi left after taking orders from Vashistha.

Searched the village, searched the city, searched the forests and caves, then somewhere I met a Brahmin named Vidyadhar, on inquiry it came to know that his age had been four kalpas and that he had studied the Vedas.

The verses of the scriptures were memorized to him like the name of Rama to a parrot. He used to solve any doubt with pleasure.

Kakbhushundi ji was very happy to meet him, but he was very surprised that despite being so learned, why people do not call Vidyadhar a enlightened.

To know this, Kakbhushundi ji quietly started walking behind Vidyadhar. One day Vidyadhar was enjoying a forest-residence on the Nilgiri mountain, when he saw the princess of Kanvad coming, captivated by the beauty of women, Vidyadhara forgot the unbridled joy of nature, lust humbled her like a gemless snake.

He followed the princess like a dog to lick the bones of a dead animal. At that time, he had neither the knowledge of the scriptures nor the Puranas. He did not even realize the neglect of the princess.

They went after him, the soldiers understood that this is a mad person, so they caught him and put him in the prison.

Kakbhushundi asked Vidyadhar, who was in the prison – “‘Munivar! You, being so learned, could not understand that attachment is the only bondage of self-knowledge.

If you were not sexually attached, why would this plight be today.”! On hearing this, Vidyadhar’s eyes of knowledge opened and he became enlightened.

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Short Story : who, cut his head

A devotee very eager to attain knowledge approached Kabir. After many days of request, one day Kabir said – ‘Vats, pick up the rock under the foot. The disciple immediately raised the stone. Both entered inside it.

Inside a door it was written – ‘He who cut his ear will be able to open this door!. Kabir cut off both his ears. That door opened and Kabir went in and the door closed again.

When the devotee tried to open it, a voice came from inside that only after doing what I did, the door would open. The devotee also cut off his ears and the door opened; In this way he also went inside.

Similarly, it was written on the second door that first cut your nose and then the door will open. Kabir entered inside by cutting his nose. The devotee also followed and he entered inside.

On the third it was written – ‘Whoever wants to come in, first cut off his head’. Kabir went inside after blowing his head but the devotee remained outside.

What is the use after the nose, ears and head are gone? He was so immersed in this thought that he fell asleep. When I woke up, Kabir was seen coming from afar. “Are you watching my path?” Kabir asked. “I couldn’t understand anything, Gurudev! ,

This mystery is not easily understood. So, Gurudev, my nose and ears are gone forever? “They have gone, what’s the doubt about that?” “But God! Your ears and nose have become undone.

Undo me too, Lord! How is this possible? Had the head beheaded, all the parts would have been undone like mine.

mishap from bad company

A painter had to draw a portrait of a very gentle teenager. In search of such a boy, the painter wandered around the country and abroad for years. With great difficulty, she found a boy whose gentleness was dripping from her hair. The picture was made by making him sit in front.

The picture turned out very beautiful. It was very much liked in the market, got huge sales. The painter was praised everywhere. He also got a lot of money.

Years later, the painter realized that he would paint a terrible picture of a criminal with a very disgusting and wicked attitude. For this he started visiting criminals’ dens, prisons and places of residence of miscreants.

At last a man of great horror was found. The painter painted him and that too sold a lot. This wonderful pairing of two contrasting replicas of gentleness and wickedness, became very famous in the painting world.

One day he went to meet the evil, mischievous painter. When the painter asked his introduction, he said – “You have made both these pictures of me. When I was a child, I was gentle and when I became middle-aged, I became such a terrible evil.

Do you know this secret? The painter was stunned. He asked- “You…..you….how did you, how have you become so changed like this?” The old man covered his face. His eyes started raining. He said with a closed throat – “Bad company has made me this misfortune. Painter! Consistency is even more influential than your art.’!

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