To say that we are human beings, but in the true sense, education is what makes us human. Talking about education in today’s date, it is like life force. But the biggest question that comes is what is education?

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| need of education

Human beings have always had a tendency to know not only the external physical environment but also the internal environment. 

And perhaps this tendency of human beings to know would have given birth to the education system so that human beings can know things, understand themselves in a disciplinary way.

If we imagine a newborn baby, then he neither has knowledge of society nor of the world, neither he has understanding of his friend nor his enemy, he has no knowledge of his tradition, customs etc.

He does not even know in which religion he was born, but as he grows up he becomes curious about the environment around him. Questions start coming in his mind and then his consciousness, his behavior and his personality start getting molded. 

Overall, he starts learning, starts understanding. He learns something from his own experiences, some from the experiences of others or whatever he himself wants or what his family or society wants, he learns. And it just keeps on going.

| What is education?

In Hindi Shiksha is a Sanskrit word derived from the root ‘shiksha’ which means to learn and to teach. In this way, education refers to the act of teaching-learning. 

Through this teaching-learning process, by developing the inherent potential in the person, he is provided with the necessary knowledge and efforts are made to develop his personality and skills.

The word education is used in English for Shiksha. The word education is derived from the Latin word Educatum which means the art of teaching. 

That is why in present education means the art of developing all the hidden powers within the individual in the social environment.

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| What should the education be like?

When a student is taught in a controlled environment, it is called narrow learning . School education is called narrow education. 

It is said so because there is already a syllabus and method of teaching prescribed and education is given accordingly. 

That is why it is criticized by saying that from this the student is not able to learn anything other than certain things and he becomes a rattu parrot. It is also called artificial growth process.

When a person takes education in an uncontrolled environment then it is called comprehensive education. 

This means that from birth to death, a person receives different types of experiences according to his nature and changes himself accordingly. 

It is free from the shackles of syllabus and here all are teachers as well as students. This is how the natural development of a person takes place. This is also criticized by saying that since this process is uncontrolled, the society does not get the person it wants.

That is why it is said that education should be such that a child is not only given a narrow education so that he can stand up to the expectations of the contemporary society, but he should also be given so much freedom so that he can make mistakes and learn from his experiences. .

| What is right education?

The function of education is not just gathering information, gathering facts and merging them together and verifying things with the help of inappropriate facts or with the help of gimmicks. 

Rather, the task of education is to prepare such a man who is complete and intelligent in himself. In our present society without being intelligent we can get degree, be mechanically competent, train ourselves according to market demand but how can we deny that training only brings efficiency, not perfection. 

Intelligence will not come until the ability to fully see what is there, and education is incomplete without intelligence. Anyway, what is the use of being such a scholar who always depends on information and evidence for his understanding or understanding. 

In the society, people send their children to school only to learn techniques to earn a living, all want to make their child an expert. With the hope that one day he will earn a lot of money, financially he will be safe. 

What happens in all this is that the basic aim of education is left behind and is replaced by a distorted form of marketism and capitalism. 

Of course, having knowledge of reading and writing, knowledge of engineering and developing other types of skills for the purpose of earning a lot of money is clearly necessary, this is the demand of today’s time, but should we ignore these thing?

It can be said that even after so much development in the field of technology, till date man has not been able to invent any such technology which can help to know himself.

Even today there is only one source of knowing oneself – education. And when we think at this level then we realize the importance of education. 

| What is the aim of education?

Ancient education especially laid emphasis on mental and spiritual development, according to which only knowledge acquisition and discipline etc. were considered as the sole aim of education. 

Modern education emphasizes not only on mental and spiritual development of the individual but also on physical and social development and education according to need or market. 

Overall, it can be said that the aim of modern education is the all-round development of the individual and the development of social skills in him.

| different types of education

From the point of view of system, curriculum and teaching method, education can be divided into the following parts –

(1) formal education,

(2) informal education,

(3) non-formal education,

(4) direct or indirect education,

(5) general and special education,

(6) basic education,

(7) individual and group education,

(8) online education,

(9) moral education etc.

| What is formal education?

The education carried out in schools, colleges etc. is called formal education. This is because the aim of this education, syllabus and method of teaching, etc., are all planned and definite. 

This type of education meets the needs of the individual, society and nation and it develops the knowledge and skills in the individual in such a way that they can be able to work in any business or market.

| What is informal education?

From birth to death, a person receives different types of experiences according to his nature and keeps educating himself accordingly. 

It is free from the shackles of the syllabus, it is not planned and has no definite purpose. That is why it is called informal education.

| What is non-formal education?

Non-formal education is provided for such people who are unable to take education from regular colleges or universities because of age or for the purpose of not investing money, time and energy in formal education or for any other reason. 

It does have a curriculum but it is very flexible and designed keeping the learners in mind. The learner can participate whenever he wants according to his time.

Overall, it is not bound in shackles like formal education, but it is free from that, hence it is also called open education or open education or distance education or adult education .

| What is direct or indirect education?

A system in which the teacher and the student are face to face with each other and the teacher imparts his/her knowledge to the student in a controlled environment under a predetermined plan, then it is called direct education. Formal education is basically direct education.

Indirect education, as the name suggests, is not given in a predetermined plan or in a controlled environment, but is given in an independent environment using indirect means or acquired by oneself. 

As if you are eating something on a piece of paper and suddenly your eyes fell on the line where it was written that if the snake bites then what should be done and what not.

| What is Basic Education?

Basic education was conceptualized by Mahatma Gandhi. The meaning of this education was that the students should be educated in such a way that they can earn some money along with studies. 

For this, there was talk of a system under which training of handicrafts etc. was included to the students. Overall basic education is a concept to make a self-reliant student.

| What is general and special education?

General education means that all children should get at least such education in general so that they can mentally or intellectually prepare themselves for a better life and they have no difficulty in getting further specialized education. Don’t come

Special education refers to the attainment of education based on a particular goal. It is generally concerned with preparing oneself for the market or business by increasing one’s ability and capability in a particular area. Such as doctor’s studies or engineering etc.

| What is individual and group education?

When a person is given education separately from other people, it is called individual education. Its specialty is that it takes care of the desires and interests of the person receiving education. 

Similarly, when a group of individuals is educated together, it is called group education. Its drawback is that it does not take into account the wishes of different individuals.

| What is online education?

The spread of the Internet gave an opportunity to establish a new field of education. Today online education has emerged as a powerful medium of education. 

The biggest advantage of online education is that the student can study from any teacher in the world, sitting in any corner of the world, sitting at home, using his computer, laptop, or smartphone.

| What is moral education?

It must be clear at the level of individual, family, society or nation what is moral and what is immoral. We usually define what is moral and what is immoral for us from our own experiences of certain things. 

But at the level of a society or a nation, the general understanding of morality that is established, moral education is given so that that value can be inculcated in all. This is necessary because the interest of the entire society or nation can be protected from it.

| What does education do?

Development of innate powers in the right direction Any person who has innate powers like love, curiosity, imagination, reasoning and self-esteem etc. Education serves to develop it in the right direction.

Control of instincts We are not at all different from animals in the sense that if we are given free rein, then we too will descend to anarchy like animals. Education is necessary for us to control this animal instinct.

Preservation of Civilization and Culture – Every society has its own special tradition, customs or culture.  According to which they make their living. Education helps keep it afloat. We all know how a civilization like the Indus Valley ended.

Positive change in the society Education helps in bringing about changes in the society according to the times and circumstances.

Education helps a person to acquire skills according to the market, this improves the economy of a country, as a result, the fulfillment of the material needs of the person becomes possible.

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| flaws in education_system

Today, the trend of taking education for the purpose of convenience is increasing, in such a situation, after getting the comfort, people find some secluded corner of life where there is no resistance of any kind and then they want to live in that comfort zone.

They become so accustomed that they are afraid to even come out of that secluded corner, they become gross and start blaming the system, they start cursing it.

At present, education is related to external efficiency, this type of education either completely neglects or distorts the inner nature of man. The present education develops a part of our inner nature but leaves the rest to be carried as a burden.

It cannot be ignored at all that knowledge and technical training is very important, but along with providing information and technical training, it is most important that education should encourage an integrated approach towards life.

We have to think that, what is the importance of life?, why are we alive?, why are we struggling so much for our existence? If we are getting education only to get a special qualification, to get a good job, to be more efficient, to have more and more control over others, then it shows our narrow thinking developing in the wrong direction. Is.

If we are creating destruction and misery in the world even after being educated, then we need to think seriously that why today our education system is going through the biggest distortion ever. After all, why our education system today cannot guarantee that an educated person will always be a good person?

The all-round and best development of man’s body, mind and spirit is education.

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar

To bring to light the universal ideas of the world that are invisibly present in the mind of every human being, is education.


Hope this article has created an understanding in you regarding education. Share this as much as you can and also read other great articles available on the site.

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