stories not only entertain us, but there are many stories or stories that affect us so much that we turn our life in a new direction. In this article, we will read 10 best inspirational short story.

Inspirational Story motivates us to work towards our goal. There can be many sources of this inspiration, it can be parents, family and society as well as instructive learning stories.

This page is a compilation of 10 inspirational short story, read in a sequence by all, hope you like it. Find more Stories from here.

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inspirational short story

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10 English Inspirational Short Story For Everyone

Inspirational Short Story No. 1


A child of about 12–13 years went to a shop near his house and said to the shopkeeper – Uncle, can I make a call? The shopkeeper agreed, so the child went to the phone and dialed a number, from where a woman’s voice came.

The shopkeeper started listening carefully to that child. The child asked – Madam, I have come to know that you are looking for a man to take care of your garden, I want to work in your garden, will you give me a chance? The woman replied no, I have kept a boy some time ago, now I do not need any new man.

The child said, madam, if you give me a chance, I can work on half the salary given to that boy. The woman replied no, I am very satisfied with the boy’s work and now no man wants to change.

The child said again, madam, I will clear the way around your garden for the same pay. The woman replied no, I don’t want a new man, thank you. Saying this the woman hung up the phone.

A smile floated on the child’s face, but the shopkeeper felt pity on the child. The shopkeeper said- Children, I was listening to you carefully, I was very impressed by your words. You are looking for work and I was looking for a man like you, let me give you work in my shop.

The child said, no uncle, I do not want any job. Actually, I am the guy who works for that lady. I just wanted to see if she is satisfied with my work or not, I am very happy to know that she madam is liking my work. The shopkeeper was stunned to hear that child.

Inspirational Short Story No. 2

one decision one act

One day a boy saw a very rich man. Seeing the magnificence of that rich man, it came to the boy’s mind that Wow! Life is like this and then he thought that now he too has to become rich

He thought about it for several days and then started a task. For many days he was engaged in earning and also earned some money. Since he was not able to earn that much so that he could become rich, so now his patience slowly started running out.

Meanwhile, he met a scholar. And he was so much impressed by that scholar that now he decided to become a scholar and from the very next day he started studying after leaving his earning and earning. Now as he had understood that money is all attachment and illusion, earning knowledge is the biggest thing. Even money fails in front of knowledge.

He started studying with great vigor and continued to study for a few years, but then as his mind started to feel a little less in studies. Gradually he was attracted towards music, listening to music, he used to get lost in his own tune. Slowly he started to realize how much he understands music!, Maybe he was made for music only.

By chance he met a musician and after talking to that musician that day he decided that now he will learn music. So from that day he stopped studies and started learning music.

After a few years his mind got bored with music too and he decided to become a leader. He thought that this time he should not make any mistake, if he wants to become a leader then he has to be.

A lot of age passed, he could neither become rich nor learned. Neither could he learn music nor could he become a leader. Then he felt very sad. One day he met a Mahatma. He explained the reason for his sorrow.

The Mahatma smiled and said – “Son! The world is very smooth. Wherever you go you will see some attraction. You will run after him again something else will attract you. If you really want to do something in life, then make a decision and then keep doing it while you are alive, then you will definitely progress. You will never be able to progress by changing your interest again and again. The young man understood.

Inspirational Short Story No. 3

don’t worry, think

There is a saying, don’t worry take away your tomorrow’s troubles, but today’s happiness definitely snatches away. This is from decades ago. A lawyer used to live with his wife in a city in Gujarat. The lawyer loved his wife very much. He was highly respected as a professional and used to work hard in court for clients.

Once his wife fell very ill. The doctor said that he would have to undergo a major operation. Incidentally, the day the wife had surgery, the same day was the date of hearing of the case in a big court in another city.

The lawyer called a lawyer friend and said, I do not want to leave my wife and go anywhere, that’s why you go and argue in today’s case. On hearing this, the lawyer’s wife said – what are you doing, if you do not go and if an innocent is punished, then I will not be able to forgive myself, I am fine, the doctor will do the operation, you go and Argue your case in court.

At first the lawyer was not ready, but due to the insistence of the wife, finally with a sad heart, but he left for another city, the court.

The trial started, the lawyer started arguing. In the middle of the debate, the court concierge brought him a piece of paper. The lawyer read the paper open and then after reading it kept it in his pocket and started arguing. After some time the court’s decision came, the lawyer had won the case, everyone started congratulating him.

Someone asked- Lawyer, how was that piece of paper? The lawyer said, Actually, it was Telegram, my wife has died sometime back. The people there were shocked to hear the answer of the lawyer.

They asked, Vakil, your wife was not feeling well, so why did you come today? The lawyer said, in fact, the wife insisted on me and sent her here, because she did not want that any innocent should be punished because of my absence.

Hearing this, the eyes of the people there became names. That lawyer was none other than the country’s first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Inspirational Short Story No. 4

donkeys hospitality

It was a long time ago that only donkeys lived in a forest. Lived freely, ate, drank and had fun. For the donkeys, it was like a paradise like a forest.

One day a fox was told a joke. He hung his face and said to the donkeys – “I am dying of worry and you are having fun like this. Don’t know how big a crisis has reached its head.

The donkeys asked curiously – “Sister, what happened, tell me the matter.”! The fox said, “I have come after hearing my ears and seeing my eyes, the fish of the lake of the forest have formed an army and they are about to attack you. How will it be possible for you to stay in front of them?” That’s why I am so worried for you!!!

The donkeys were confused. He thought what is the use of wasting life in vain. Let’s go somewhere else. All the donkeys left the forest and started towards the village. Only one thing was going on in everyone’s mind that before the fish attack us, it is better to get out as far as possible. And all of them were also thanking the fox, that if he had not told, then it would have been difficult for us to escape.

When all these donkeys started reaching towards the village, the washermen first noticed them. Seeing this frightened donkeys, the washerman of the village gave him a lot of hospitality. The donkeys narrated their entire ordeal to the washermen.

The washermen gave shelter to the donkeys in their shed and tied them with a rope around their neck and said – “There is no need to be afraid at all. I will suffer from that evil fish. You live fearlessly in my enclosure, just carry the burden of my clothes.”

The nervousness of the donkeys went away, but he had to pay dearly for his stupidity. It is said that since then washermen started using donkeys.

Inspirational Short Story No. 5

review before react

There lived a doctor in a city. His behavior was very efficient and courteous, that’s why he also got a lot of respect in that whole area. He used to treat patients in his medical ashram itself.

Once a Seth approached the doctor to show his child. After seeing the child, the Vaidya gave a medicine and wrote the next medicine on the part.

Seth asked Vaidya, what fee would he have to pay? Vaidya said, you give me 100 gold Asharfi. This was heard by another patient sitting nearby, who was very poor. He thought that how will I be able to pay such a fee? Thinking this, he got up quietly and started leaving. When Vaidya asked him, he told everything. Vaidya said, you sit here, your treatment will be free, when you get well then serve others in ashram size.

Hearing this, Seth got angry in his heart and said to Vaidya, Vaidya, you are a very poor person, you got greedy after seeing my money and asked me for such a huge amount, while you treated it for free. Well, I didn’t expect that from you. Vaidya smiled and said, no Seth ji, it is not like that, in fact, to run my ashram, I need two things – money and service, whatever the person has, I ask for that.

If you have money then I will take money from you and this person does not have money, that’s why after recovering he will provide his service in my ashram, Seth ji was stunned after listening to Vaidya ji.

He said to Vaidya, forgive me Vaidya, I had reached some wrong conclusion without understanding your meaning. I had forgotten that if something like you expressed is doing, there must be a special reason for it.

Saying this, Seth placed 100 gold Asharfi on Vaidya’s palm and smiled and walked towards his house. If we want peace and progress in our life, then we must review it once before reacting to the decision of others.

Inspirational Short Story No. 6

Give understanding to the foolish, not a boon

A king went for a forest tour, but after some time he forgot the way and got lost in the forest. After wandering for a long time, he was very tired, yet he continued to walk despite suffering from hunger and thirst. While walking he saw a forest dweller’s hut, and he reached there.

There he received hospitality and thus saved the life of the king. When everything seemed fine, the king took off from there and while walking, the king said to the forest dweller- “We are the rulers of this kingdom. Impressed by your kindness, the city’s sandalwood gardens provide you. This will make your life happy.”

In this way, that forest dweller got the valuable sandalwood garden. Not knowing the importance of sandalwood and how it can be taken advantage of, the forest dweller started cutting sandalwood trees and selling them in the city by making coal. In this way, somehow the arrangement for his sustenance started going on.

Since there was very little income from that charcoal, so gradually he sold almost all the trees by making coal. Now he had only a few trees left. And that is why now he was also worried that if this too will end, then how will he survive.

Incidentally, one day due to heavy rain, he could not turn the wood into coal, so he decided to sell the wood itself. He made a bundle of wood and when he reached the market with it, the people impressed by the aroma paid a heavy price for it.

The forest dweller was surprised and was thinking that till now he made and sold this charcoal, he hardly got any money, whereas from wood he got many times more money.

When he asked the people the reason for this, the people said – “This is sandalwood wood. Very valuable. If you have more wood like this, you can get a great price for it.”

The forest dweller started repenting on his ignorance that he sold such a huge precious sandalwood forest by making coal and selling it for a penny. Every single moment of life is precious, but people waste it for a penny in exchange for lust and cravings. And then all my life keep regretting that I didn’t get the opportunity otherwise I would have done it!

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Inspirational Short Story No. 7

ego of perfection

A father taught sculpture to his son, because he himself used to make idols. After the son had learned some sculpture, now both father and son would go to the market to make and sell the idols and sell their idols.

The father’s idol was sold for one and a half to two rupees, but the son’s idol would not have fetched more than eight to ten annas. On his return from the market, the father would make the son sit beside him and explain the errors in his idols and the next day to rectify them. The boy was intelligent, he listened carefully to his father and kept trying to improve his art.

After some time the idols of the boy also started selling for one and a half rupees. A lot of time had passed, but the Father would still explain in the same way and draw his attention to the defects in the idols. If the son paid more attention, then the art also flourished more. The idols now started selling for five rupees each. Even then the Father did not stop the process of explaining for improvement.

One day the son said annoyed – “You don’t stop talking about finding fault. My art is better than yours now, I get five rupees while you only get two rupees.

The father said – ‘Son! When I was your age, I became proud of the perfection of my art and then stopped thinking of improvement. Since then my progress stalled and could not make idols worth more than two rupees. I want you not to make that mistake. Always continue the process of understanding and correcting your errors so that you can reach the rank of the best artists who make valuable sculptures.

Inspirational Short Story No. 8

thanks back

Lord Buddha while traveling once reached the house of a Brahmin. It was night and Buddha wanted to stay there. When the brahmin came to know that he was a Buddha, he abused his heart, said abusive words and asked him to leave immediately.

Buddha listened for a long time. When the brahmin stopped speaking, he asked – ‘O dear fellow! If you have any guests coming here, you will welcome them with beautiful food and sweets. What doubt in this – the Brahmin replied. And if for some reason the guest does not accept it, then you will throw those dishes.

“Why throw, we ourselves would have taken” – he answered confidently. “So we don’t accept this gift of your abuses, take your own thing.” Saying this the Buddha smiled and left from there.

Inspirational Short Story No. 9

gentleman’s search

A king needed a servant. Three candidates were presented to him by his ministers. The emperor asked the three candidates- “If my beard and your beard catch fire together, who will you put out first?!!

One said, I will extinguish you first. The other said, I will extinguish mine first. The third said, I will extinguish myself with one hand and yours with the other.

The emperor appointed a third man and told the courtiers – ‘He who does good to others by neglecting himself is impractical. The one who considers selfishness to be paramount, he is low, and the one who takes equal care of his own and the well-being of others, he should be called a gentleman. I needed a gentleman, so that third man was appointed.”

Inspirational Short Story No. 10

Small mistake, big side effect

Madhuparka, the king of Kalang country, was once eating. A little honey dripped from his cup and fell on the ground. He had just extended his hand to clear it that thought came in his mind that hey! Why should I clean, I am the king. The servant will come and clean it.

The servant came, but his attention did not go towards him and he left without cleaning it. It happened that flies came to lick that honey. Seeing the flies gathered, the lizard was tempted and came to eat them. The cat reached to kill the lizard, which lived in the palace itself.

It was not only that the dogs roaming in the garden outside the palace somehow came there and two or three dogs broke on the cat. The cat somehow ran away but the dogs got injured after fighting amongst themselves.

When the owner of the dog came to know about this, he reached there. Dog owners tended to support their dog’s side and blame the other. A fight broke out over this. In the battle, the crowd on both sides increased and finally the whole city was in turmoil. When the rioters got a chance, looted the government treasury and set the palace on fire.

When all this calmed down and the king asked the reason for such a big disturbance, the minister inquired and told that only a little honey spilled by you inadvertently caused such a big riot. Then the king understood that even a small carelessness can create a big problem for a human being.


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