Motivation inspires us to work towards our goal and there can be many sources of this inspiration, it can be family and society as well as Short Moral Story.

stories not only entertain us, but there are many stories that affect us so much that we turn our life in a new direction. In this article, we will read 10+ Short Moral Story. Hope you like this page. Find more Stories from here.

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Moral Story

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10+ Short Moral Story

Moral Story No. 1

right direction

Once a train stopped at the railway station of a village. A soldier got off the train with a big trunk and a bed. Size outside the station, he asked a taxi driver – Brother, will you go to the camp office?

The taximan said, I will definitely go, sir, but it will take 200 rupees. The soldier said – Oh! 200 rupees is too much for there, do something less.

The taximan said, sir, the fare will not be less than this, if you want to walk, then come. Hearing this, the soldier picked up his belongings and started towards his destination on foot. After walking for about 20 minutes, he got tired and started looking for some means around him.

Then he saw the same taxi wala coming, who had asked him for 200 rupees a while back. The soldier showed him his hand.

So the taximan stopped the car, the soldier said, okay brother, take 200 rupees, go to the camp office. Hearing this, the taxi driver said, Sir, now it will cost Rs 400. The soldier said, now seeing my condition, you started blackmailing me?

Then the taximan said, no sir, you are a military man, why would I blackmail you, in fact, the fact is that you have come so far from the camp office in the opposite way that now you have to pass through the same station to go to the camp office. From where you have come so far while walking, that’s why your fare will be higher now.

Hearing about the taxi driver, the soldier quietly sat down in the taxi. No matter how well you prepare and walk, if your direction is wrong then you will never be able to reach the destination.

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Moral Story No. 2

problem solved

There was a person in a city, he was always sad, he always felt that there is no one else in the world who is unhappy with him. Whenever someone spoke to him, he would describe his problems.

After a while the person with him would get up and leave. This made him even more upset that no one is going to listen to him.

One day he came to know that a Mahatma was coming to the city. Who has the solution to all the problems. Knowing this, he reached the Mahatma. Always used to run a convoy with that Mahatma in which there were many camels too.

Reaching the Mahatma, the person said – Guruji, I have heard your big name that you solve all the problems. I am a very sad person. There are always many problems around me. When I solve one, another is born.

When I narrate my ordeal to someone, no one listens at all. The world has become very mean. Now tell me what should I do?

The Mahatma listened carefully to his words and said – Brother, I am very tired now but tomorrow morning I will definitely solve your problem.

In the meantime, do me one thing, the man who takes care of my camels is sick. You take care of them tonight. When all the camels are seated then you go to sleep. I will talk to you tomorrow morning.

The next day the Mahatma called the man. His eyes were red. The Mahatma asked – So tell me, how did you sleep last night? The person said – Guruji, I have not even slept the whole night. You said that when all the camels sit down then go to sleep.

But this did not happen, whenever trying to make one camel sit, the other would stand. All the camels didn’t even sit, that’s why I could not sleep the whole night.

Mahatma ji smiled and said – I knew that so many camels could never sit together, yet I asked you to do so. Hearing this, the person got angry and said – Mahatma ji, I had come to ask you for a solution, but you also troubled me.

Mahatma said – No brother, actually this is the solution to your problem. Any person in the world has the same problem as these camels. If one ends, the other will stand.

Therefore, if you wait for all the problems to end, you will never be able to live peacefully. Problems are part of life. Enjoy life while feeling it. This is the only way to be comfortable in life.

No one in the world is interested in listening to your problems because they also have their own problems. After listening to Mahatma ji, a sense of satisfaction and ease appeared on the face of the person. As if he has got the surefire mantra to deal with all his problems.

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Moral Story No. 3

honest poor

There lived a man who made a living by selling herbs in Ceylon. His name was Mahata Shaisa. The financial condition of his house was very bad, he would have to starve for many days.

His mother used to work as a grinding mill, his sister would sell flowers, then he could have lived somewhere. Even in such poverty, his intention was clear.

One day, while he was digging herbs in a garden, he saw several pots full of asharfis. There was no greed in his mind for the other’s thing and covered it with soil as soon as he reached the owner of the garden and informed him that the asharfis were buried.

The financial condition of Larota, the owner of the garden, had also become very bad. Debtors used to harass him. His happiness knew no bounds after getting so much money.

He tried to give four hundred Ashrafis to the informer, but he refused to accept them and said – “There is no such thing as taking the prize in this, I have only fulfilled my duty.”

After many days, Larota married her sister to Shaisa and wanted to give some money in dowry. Shaisa did not take that too and spent the day working on her hands and feet.

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Moral Story No. 4

Jealousy hurts itself

Cow and horse were grazing in the forest. The horse was jealous that he could not eat good hay for fear of the cow’s horns, to be overcome somehow.

Then a man came there and he looked at both of them with greedy eyes. The horse came to the man and said – “Look what you are doing, drink sweet cow’s milk and satisfy your hunger. “But she can run faster than me, how can I control her?

Get on my back, can I run faster than a cow? The man rode on the back of a horse. He first enslaved the horse and then controlled the cow. From that day both the animals are the slaves of man.

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Moral Story No. 5

recognition of its own

An Arab merchant came to know that the Ethiopians had a lot of silver. He got the idea to go there and do business and one day he left for Ethiopia after loading hundreds of camels and onions.

Ethiopians had never eaten onions before. They were very happy after eating onions. He bought all the onions and weighed the same amount of silver. Businessman was very happy. Returned to the country after becoming rich.

When another merchant came to know about this, he also decided to go to Ethiopia. He loaded garlic with something better than onions and went to Ethiopia.

When the people there tasted the garlic, they danced with joy. He liked garlic more than onions, that’s why he took all the garlic but what to give in return, the question arose.

They saw that there is a lot of silver, but they have a better commodity than that, they have onions, so they loaded the sacks of other merchants with onions. The merchant got annoyed but what would the poor person do, quietly returned home with onions.

The poor merchant could not understand what was the criterion of invaluability. He thought it was all a game of his own mind’s beliefs and happiness. Truth is something else, which man is not able to understand.

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Moral Story No. 6

brainless scientist

Once four friends went on a journey. Among them were three intelligent scientists and one intelligent unscientist. On the way he found the skeleton of a dead lion. Brainless scientists thought that why not we should test our knowledge on this. Immediately one collected his ashes, the other infused flesh and blood into it and the third was about to put his life in it when the fourth wise unscientist said – “Hey, what are you doing? You are going to revive the lion. He will eat us as soon as he is alive.

First take measures to protect yourself. But no one listened to him. Helpless, he climbed the tree alone. On the other hand, as soon as the third took life in it, the lion came alive and ate all three of them.

Today’s world which sees the real is also like these brainless scientists. Those who go on increasing the means for the body, but do not pay even the slightest attention to the soul.

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Moral Story No. 7

true knowledge

Once a mathematician was traveling in a boat. Both were alone, the traveler and the manjhi. So in order to pass the time and to enhance his knowledge, the mathematician said – ‘Have you studied mathematics? Manjhi said – “No, Babu, I do not even know the name of mathematics.’!

The mathematician said in a somewhat disrespectful tone – then your life was wasted. After being silent for some time again the mathematician asked- “Well, have you ever studied geography?” Manjhi replied again in a polite voice- “No, Babuji, what is the meaning of geography, I do not know.’! Hearing this, the mathematician said – ‘Then your life was totally wasted.

Manjhi was very annoyed at these stupid questions but he remained silent. After some time, by chance, a strong storm came and the boat started to wobble. The bouncing waves were taking the gusts of the drunken wind.

While handling the boat, the sailor said Babu Saheb – “You know how to swim?!! The Mathematician panicked and said – ‘Otherwise! I never learned to swim.” Now the sailor started smiling and saying – ‘Due to not learning maths and geography, my life was wasted for years. But in the absence of knowing how to swim, your whole life is going destroy. Because It’s hard to get across the boat.”

Mathematician began to think that the usefulness of knowledge is for everyone on the basis of his situation, time and utility. That which is useful in time is true knowledge.

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Moral Story No. 8

the life of the selfish is fruitless

The thirsty man ran towards the bottomless sea thinking that he would quench his thirst with the ocean. He reached the shore and filled Anjali and poured water into his mouth but immediately threw it out.

The thirsty was confused and started thinking that the river is smaller than the ocean but its water is sweet. The ocean is much bigger than the river but its water is salty.

After some time he heard a voice coming from across the sea – “The river keeps on sharing most of what it gets, but the ocean keeps everything in itself.

The life of a selfish person who does not work for others becomes fruitless. As the man returned thirsty from the shore of the sea, he also took away a valuable knowledge which satisfied even his soul.

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Moral Story No. 9

eligibility test

Three friends went to a Mahatma to take initiation. All three expressed their curiosity by bowing with a very humble gesture. Before making a disciple, the Mahatma asked – Tell me, what is the difference between the ear and the eye?

One replied – “Only five fingers, Lord!” The Mahatma made him stand on one side and asked the other for an answer.

The other replied – “Your Majesty the eye sees and the ear hears, so the eye is more important than the authenticity of a thing.”

The Mahatma also made him stand on one side and asked the third to answer. The third requested – “God! The ear is more important than the eye. The eye is able to see only the cosmic and the visible world, but the ear has the privilege of knowing the transcendental and transcendental objects.

The Mahatma held the third one with him. By preaching karma and worship, both the persons were sent off to increase their thinking power. Because the limit of their thinking had not yet become subtle enough to penetrate into the periphery of the Brahma Tattva.

Moral Story No. 10

What’s the use of miserliness!

A Mahatma, being pleased with the spirit of service to a devotee, gave him Parasmani for two days and said – “By touching it, iron turns to gold. Make as much gold as you need. It will be taken back after two days.”

The devotee was very happy that now all my poverty will be removed. But he was very miser. He started looking for cheap iron in large numbers. In the greed of finding a cheap and very big pile, he went to many markets and shops but he was not satisfied anywhere.

Two days were completed in this race. The gem was taken back and he could not get even a single bit of gold. Those who become more mature and more miser are always in loss.

Bonus Story

Moral Story No. 11

wings of time

Once an artist put an exhibition of his paintings. Hundreds of rich people of the city also reached to see him. A girl also came to see that exhibition. He saw that at the end of all the paintings there is also a picture of a man whose face is covered with hair and whose feet were covered with feathers.

Below the picture was written in big letters – ‘Opportunity’. The picture was a bit ugly so people would ignore it and move on. The girl’s attention was towards this picture from the very beginning.

When she reached him, she asked the artist sitting quietly – “Sir, whose painting is this?” “Of opportunity” the artist replied briefly. Why have you covered his face? The girl asked again. This time the artist explained in detail – “Baby girl! Opportunity comes in the life of every human being like an exhibition and inspires him to move forward, but ordinary people do not even recognize him, so they remain where they were. But the one who recognizes the opportunity gets some work done in life.

“And what’s the secret of the feathers on its feet?” asked the girl curiously. The artist said – “This opportunity which is gone today will never come again tomorrow.” The girl understood this meaning and from that moment started for her progress.

Moral Story No. 12

belongs to God

Like other days, religious leader Rabi Meher continued to teach lessons to the children in his school. On that day he preached the justice of God.

He had come to his wife in the morning with the same understanding that this world and everything here belongs to God, without offering it to him one should not consume anything.

In those days there was an epidemic in the city. Unfortunately that day, the epidemic camped in his house and made both the beautiful children of Meher’s flowers sleep in the lap of death.

Meher’s dharmshila wife laid the bodies of both the children in the dormitory and covered them with a white sheet. You got busy with cleaning the house and arranging food. It was evening and Rabi Meher returned home.

Meher asked as soon as he came – “Where are the two children?” The wife said in a happy smile – “They must be playing somewhere here, take water, wash your hands and face and take food. the food is ready.”

Meher became sure and meditated on the Lord and then came to the bedroom. He was seeing some sadness in the house today. There were no children. Asked – ‘Have the children not returned after playing yet? The wife said- I will invite now, have fasted for the whole day, take food.!’!

Rabi offered Bhog and then accepted that food as Prasad with love. Washing his hands and face, he got up and then asked- ‘The children have not come yet, should I go out and find out?!

The wife said – ‘No lord! There is no need to go out but yes tell this, what you were saying that everything in the world belongs to God, if God takes back any of his things, should a man grieve for it.

What’s the point of sadness in this? Rabi Meher said in a posture of complacency. But today your words seem a bit mysterious, dear! Tell me what is the matter, do you want to hide something?

No lord! What to hide from you, I am following your own ideal. Take it here that both your children belonged to God, so they took it back, saying that Meher’s wife removed the shrouds of the children from their mouths.


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