Short motivational Story; Whenever we feel disorientation in our life then inspiration motivates us to work towards our goal. There can be many sources of this inspiration, it can be parents, family and society as well as motivational short stories.

Short motivational Story not only entertain us, but there are many stories that affect us so much that we turn our life in a new direction. In this article, we will read 10 Short motivational Story. Hope you like this page. Find more Stories from here.

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Short motivational Story

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10 Short motivational Stories


In England there lived a man named Robert James who used to train horses. Since his work was such, he often had to stay out of the house in this regard. When Robert was not at home, his son Monty Roberts used to take care of the house and in this affair he had to leave school several times. Due to which there was continuous interruption in his studies.

Once upon a time, his school teacher told all the children in the class that whoever you want to be when you grow up or whatever your dreams are, write an article on it.

And the teacher reminded that your articles should be real and not fictional, because everyone will be graded from A to F on this basis and the story of the one who got F grade will be considered fictional and will be declared as failed.

All the children wrote their own articles and tried to reflect what he wanted to be in that article. Monty also wrote his article but he wrote in his article that I want to grow up to be the owner of a horse stable so that my father does not have to wander here and there for work.

Even Monty made a sketch of the tabla and wrote all his plans and went to show it to the teacher. The teacher saw his article and gave him an F grade and scolded and said that you have gone mad? Who dreams like this! And anyway you have neither money nor resources.

This article is far from reality. The teacher instructed and said that if you want to improve your grade, then come tomorrow by writing another article and this time dreaming only what is real.

Monty reaches home, very sad and told everything to his father and asked what I should do. Father said that do the work in which you get satisfaction, this is your life, you can become whatever you want.

Then what was it, Monty again wrote the same article and showed it to the teacher and said; Whatever grading you give me, but when I grow up, I will be the owner of the steeds of horses, because if this is not done then I will not get satisfaction.

He was determined and fulfilled his dreams. Today, Monty Roberts owns a 200-acre herd of horses and is one of the best in England. Today horses from all over the country come here for training. It is said that Monty has kept that article with him even today.


How experience reduces our mistakes and makes us stand in the category of special people, it can be understood through this short story.

Once upon a time, a huge sea ship went out on a journey carrying tourists. After traveling a few nautical miles, suddenly the engine of the ship broke down.

The captain and the engineers present there tried hard to fix the engine but the engine was not working properly. As a result, fear began to form in the minds of people that they do not know what will happen now!

Finally, exhausted, the Captain approached the port office. Considering the gravity of the situation, some engineers were sent by helicopter from the port.

As soon as they arrived, they started repairing the engine. It has been a long time, they also tried a lot, but still the engine was not fixed. The passengers of the ship were getting broken, they were getting upset and asking the captain again and again whether it was okay or not?

Now the captain was thinking that what to do now? How will this be fixed now? Then one of the passengers said, “There is such an engineer, if he is called, he can probably fix it.” Seeing no other option, the Captain thought of calling that engineer. And sent that helicopter to bring him.

After some time the engineer came, he proceeded towards the engine room with a small tool-box in his hand. The rest of the engineers followed the new engineer. They all wanted to see what the new engineer would do which we did not do. The new engineer went around for a while and tested things, then on the way he stopped at a place near the engine.

He took a screwdriver out of his toolbox and stuck it in place, then he tightened a screw and told the captain to start the engine. The captain started the engine and it started. The captain’s happiness knew no bounds and he was also getting curious to know which screw the new engineer had finally tightened!

The captain was very impressed with the engineer and asked, what is your bill? The engineer said, Rs 10,000.

The captain was surprised and said – 10,000 rupees for tightening a screw? The engineer smiled and said, no brother, the bill for tightening the screw is only Rs 100. The remaining Rs 9,900 is to know where to tighten the screw.

The captain was stunned to hear the answer and gave him his money. This is called experience.


There was a king He had a huge empire. The king had ten sons. His whole life he ruled well but now he was old and he was looking for a successor like him. Thinking this one day he called all his sons and said – Look children, now I am old and want to make one of you my successor.

Hearing this, all the sons became happy and started trying to prove themselves better than each other. The king said that I give you all a task and whoever will do this work in the best way will be made the new king of this kingdom.

The king gave one seed each to all the sons and said, all of you have to go to the forest with this seed for a year. There it has to be planted in a pot and taken care of. After a year I will come to see it, whose tree will be the biggest, he will become the new king of this kingdom.

The name of the youngest son of that king was Nakula. Nakul was also listening very carefully to all these things. All the sons of the king took the seed and went in different directions towards the forest. Nakula also reached the forest and took a pot and planted that seed.

Even after planting that seed very well, giving water or fertilizer to it, after some time that plant of Nakula died. On the other hand, when the other sons of the king planted the seed and fertilized it, the seed grew into a plant and a plant to a tree.

After a year, all the sons gathered on the day of judgment, more than one beautiful and strong tree was seen in different pots, but Nakul’s pot was empty. All the courtiers were laughing looking at Nakula’s pot and all the others were tying pools of praise for the pots. Meanwhile the king came, looked at all the pots and started smiling.

When Nakula saw the king coming towards him, he started hiding his flowerpot behind in shame. The king looked at his pot and turned to all the courtiers and said – Hey friends, your new king and my successor have been chosen.

The heartbeat of all the sons got faster. The king said – from today your new king will be Nakula. All the other sons and courtiers of the king were shocked to hear this.

The king said – I had given all my sons the same seed which was barren and no plant or tree could ever grow in it. My other sons changed that seed to cheat me but Nakul was honest with his work and he came before me with the same reality and honesty which he achieved.

short motivational stories
Short motivational Story

stale mind

A Seth of Shravasti whose name was Mrigari; He was the owner of crores of currencies. His fascination with money was so much that he used to think of money all the time, even while eating and drinking, he used to count the currencies in his mind.

Money was his life. His life resided in them. The hypnotism of the postures kept him forgetting while he was sleeping. He has never experienced any other happiness in the world.

One day he sat down for a meal. The daughter-in-law asked – “‘Tat! The food is fine, isn’t it? Was there an error?” Mrigari started saying – “Ayushmati! What kind of question are you asking today? Can even a qualified daughter-in-law like you make a mistake somewhere, you have always satisfied me with fresh and delicious dishes.”

The daughter-in-law exhaled, looked down and said – “Arya! That is your illusion. I have always been feeding you stale food till today.

I have a great desire to give you fresh food, but the hypnosis of mudras has taken full possession of you. You are not able to differentiate between fresh and stale food. In such a situation, even if I feed you fresh food, you will not get the pleasure of it. Your mind has become stale, then only you tell me what should I do.’”

Mrigari felt great remorse for the mistake of his whole life. Now he understood that excessive attachment to money had brought stagnation in his life. The restlessness of his mind was over and staleness came in him.

Realizing his mistake, he accepted the spirit of devotion and gave up the hypnosis of money and started taking interest in religious activities. Eventually he rose above all that.

Short motivational Story
Short motivational Story

 sense of coexistence

Once upon a time, Saint Eknath was passing through a village. While walking he saw that some villagers were killing a snake. Sant Eknath reached there and said – “Brothers, why are you beating it, what happened due to the snake by action? This too is a animal, this too is a soul.

“A young man said – “If there is a soul, then why does it bite?” Eknath said- “If you don’t kill the snake then why will it bite you. You live your life, he will live his life.” People left the snake at the behest of Eknath.

In fact, Saint Eknath said this because a few days ago when he was going to take a bath in the pond of the temple in the evening light of Brahmamuhurta.

Then on the way, he saw a snake standing in front of him spreading his hood, he tried to remove it a lot but he did not budge.

Eventually Eknath had to turn around and go to the other ghat to take a bath. But when they returned from the old road when it was light, they saw that there was a deep ravine due to the rain.

As Saint Eknath realized that other living beings also understand the sense of co-existence. If he had not saved the snake with whom they were irritating at that time, ‘Eknath would have been buried in that pit.

drug addiction

Two drunkards leave the house to appear in court for a trial. Tomorrow he had to reach the court under any condition. In the rage of intoxication, both of them kept some bottles of liquor in the bag and forgot the papers of the case in the house itself.

Both of them went on horseback. On the way they stopped at a restaurant to have a meal. Both drank more wine during the meal. After eating food, he left again. Drunk, both were asking each other on the way whether they had forgotten anything, but neither of them remembered that they had come on a horse, now they were traveling on foot. Night came, he looked for a place to stay and drank there again. He had no idea that he was lying on the side of the road.

It was a moonlit night. When the moon came out in a while, one said – “Oh man! The sun has come out, let’s hurry or else the court will be held. Instead of walking towards the city while intoxicated, he started towards the village. In the moonlit night, he saw a bungalow like a court, which had a gate. And then both said to each other Oh man! The court is closed today, worked so hard in vain.

By the end of the morning, he went back to where he left and happily brought wine again and said, “Today we are very tired, after drinking a little alcohol, they go to sleep.”

Short motivational Story
Short motivational Story

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 The philanthropist has no fear anywhere

One day a jackal fell into a pit. He jumped a lot but could not get out. In the end, he started thinking in despair that now I have to end in this pit. Then he heard a goat muttering. Immediately the ugliness of the jackal woke up. He said to the goat – “‘Sister goat! There is a lot of green grass and sweet-sweet water inside here. Come, eat to your fullest and drink water.” The goat jumped into the pit after being impressed by his captivating words.

The cunning jackal climbed on the goat’s back and jumped out of the pit and laughed and said – “You are very stupid, I have come to die myself in my place.” The goat said in a very simple way – “Jackal brother, I consider it a virtue to give my life in charity. Somebody will take me out because of my usefulness, but you can’t take out the useless ones. The philanthropist has no fear anywhere.’”

do something, don’t die like this

Raja Dheeraj of Raigad had many enemies. They wanted to kill the king in some way. One night the enemies lured the guards with the lure of money, and went to the palace and made the king unconscious by inhaling the medicine.

After that they tied the hands and feet of the king and took him to a mountain cave and locked him. And those people went away with certainty that now the king will not be able to leave from here.

When the king came to his senses, he was terrified seeing his condition. He had no recollection of how he had come here. His hands and feet were tied and the cave was dark because the cave was closed by a big stone.

Seeing his condition, his spirits gradually broke down and after a while thinking that now it was difficult for him to survive, in desperation he started remembering his family and the good times he had spent with him.

Tears were flowing from his eyes and he was getting lost in his past, only then he remembered the mantra told by his mother – the mother of the king used to always tell him that “Don’t sit idle, don’t die, do something, do something.” Do it, do something.”

As soon as he thought of this, there was a feeling of hope in the king. He remembered the military training he had taken in his youth and then somehow opened his arms and legs. And once again as if he felt like a king. But then in the dark his foot fell on the snake which bit him. The king panicked again, and thought that it might be difficult for me to escape now.

But then immediately he remembered the same mantra “do something, do something, do something”. He groped his body and found a dagger tied around his waist. Immediately taking out the dagger from the waist, he ripped the bitten place of the snake.

He was again terrified as the blood flowed out. But then taking inspiration from the same mantra of “do something, do something, do something”, tore his clothes and tied a bandage on the wound, due to which the bleeding stopped.

After passing so many obstacles, he started worrying about getting out of that dark cave, at the same time hunger and thirst were also disturbing him. He was feeling weak due to excessive bleeding. Still he tried to remove the stone at the entrance of the cave but he could not remove it.

When he did not see any way to get out of the darkness, then again in despair, he started thinking that now he will have to stay here and die after suffering from hunger and thirst.

He was sitting sadly that again he remembered the mantra told by his mother “do something, do something, do something” and then he started walking around in the cave and started thinking something.

A thought came to his mind and then with his skewer he started making a pit on that part of the door which seemed to be the thinnest. It took a long time but he made a hole there.

And then he started giving voice to save. Incidentally, many people were sent here and there to find the king, out of which some people passing there heard the king’s voice and thus he was saved.

Short motivational Story

Short motivational Story: self victory

There was a dog, whose ears were rotten,
Walked through many doors,
But wherever he went, he was repulsed.
He wandered all day for bread,
Found two rotis somewhere, but there was a lot of beating and reprimand.

An ignorant person wandering from door to door in the lust of the senses, similarly finds reproach everywhere.

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what is the fault of god

The son said – “Dad! We will not worship God. God is biased, he has given a lot of money to some, a little to some. Why should we remember such a discriminatory? The father was a little surprised that why is he suddenly talking like this today. Well still, at that time the father did not reply.

The next day the father said – “Son, today we will plant a garden in front of the house. Both father and son got involved in it, but the son was confused as to why the father did not answer. But at that time one fruit was sown of neem and the other of mango. Both the trees started growing at a distance of two feet. Years passed, the trees grew, the fruit came in it, the bitter of one, the sweet of the other.

That day the father said – “‘Son, we planted two trees on the same earth, took equal care of both of them, then where did this disparity come from. The son had understood that whatever he wants, as he thinks, makes his creation as it is, God is not guilty for that.

Short motivational Story

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