In this comprehensive article we are going to discuss Unemployment in India and its various other aspects such as meaning, cause, solution and types of unemployment.

Since we are going to cover almost all important aspects of unemployment, so it may be big in terms of word count. but i suggest you must read this article till the end.

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Unemployment in India

Unemployment in India

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Unemployment in India

| Background of Unemployment

Unemployment is one of the most serious social problems of the modern era. It is a concomitant of social disintegration, that is why the difficult problem of the present age is unemployment.

From 1919 to 1937, unemployment had assumed a formidable form. Due to which there was uproar all around. At that time the depression of business and business, death, hunger, crime etc. were all around in their formidable form.

After the Second World War, its form got worse. This emerged as a major problem especially in newly liberated countries. India was also no exception to this.

Even after 70 years of independence, India still seems to be struggling in the face of unemployment.  Unemployment is also a matter of concern because it not only increases individual disintegration but also strengthens social and family divisions.

It not only encourages moral degradation and crime, but also gives rise to ruin in the society. Therefore, it is not only dangerous for the particular country, but it is also terrible for the entire human society. So let’s understand, what is unemployment?

| What is unemployment?

There are two components of population in any country – (1) labor force and (2) non labor force.

(1) Labor force – All those persons, who are engaged in any work from which money is earned.

The thing to remember here is that sometimes a person wants to earn money and he also looks for work but he does not get work, similar people are kept in the category of unemployed (what does this mean) Will explain this further).

(2) Non-labor force – All those people who are not engaged in any money earning work nor are they looking for any such work, then such persons are not said to be unemployed; Such as children, old people, teenagers and adolescent girls.

Overall an unemployed person is one who wants to earn money and is also looking for employment but unable to get employment, hence it is called involuntary unemployment.

On the other hand, such a person who does not want to work himself or even if he wants to do it because of less salary, then such situation is called voluntary unemployment because work is available but due to some reason the person himself doesn’t want to.

That is why it is to be remembered here that involuntary unemployment is considered to be unemployment and this involuntary unemployment is further divided into cyclical, seasonal, structural and disguised unemployment, (types of unemployment).

| Features of unemployment

Its concept can be understood more clearly on the basis of some of the major features of unemployment. These features are as follows;

Ability to Work – A person can be said to be unemployed only when he has the ability and ability to work, has the physical and mental ability to work.

If an unwell and distraught person does not do any work due to his physical and mental defects, then he will not be kept in the category of unemployment.

Willingness to work – If a person does not want to do any gainful work and then leads an indolent or lazy life, then he cannot be called unemployed.

A person will be said to be unemployed in that situation, when he definitely desires to work but still he cannot get any work.

From this point of view sadhus, sannyasis, ascetics etc. cannot be kept in the category of unemployed, because they do not wish to work despite being physically and mentally healthy.

Continuous effort in the context of finding work – Despite the desire and ability, if a person is not constantly trying to do any beneficial work, then the condition of unemployment cannot arise.

For example, A person who has achieved success in the first class, despite having the desire and qualification for the job, if he does not send an application, etc, then he cannot be called unemployed.

Purpose of earning – If a person does not get any gainful work for the purpose of earning, then he will not be called unemployed.

For example, if a teacher provides free education without taking anything from the students, then we cannot call him a person engaged in employment. 

He is said to be engaged in employment only when he collects the fees for the work of his studies.

Similarly, the work of managing the house of a home owner cannot be considered as an employment-oriented work, because despite being valuable, this work is not economically productive, it is not earning. 

Provided that if she does any other work at the rate of prevailing wages along with her housekeeping work, then her work will be called employable.  

Lack of full employment according to qualification – A person can be said to be in a state of full employment only if he is engaged in paid work according to his ability and capacity, but if he cannot get paid work according to his ability and capacity, but has to work for less than that. If so, such a situation is called partially unemployed.

Thus, explaining unemployment in the light of all these characteristics, we can say that it is a condition in which physically and mentally capable, willing and striving person for the purpose of earning income according to his ability and ability at the rate of prevailing wages. Unable to get profitable work.

| How to measure unemployment ?

The unemployment rate is the percentage of the labor force that wants to work but is unable to find work. The following formula is used to calculate it-

Rate of Unemployment = Unemployment Labor/ Total Labor Force x 100

The measurement of unemployment is a difficult task, that too in a country like India where there is such a population; It gets even more difficult, yet there are many agencies that do this;

(1) National Sample Survey Office – The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) under the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Government of India, has been the principal government agency in India at the national and state level to study employment and unemployment rates through sample surveys. Generally it releases its report every 5 years.

However, there has been no new survey in this direction since 2012. A new survey was started in 2017-2018 but officially this survey has not been made public yet.

NSSO also releases Periodic Labor Force Survey which is quarterly.

(2) CMIE reports – A private organization called Center for Monitoring Indian Economy has created an online dashboard for information related to unemployment, where the unemployment rate is updated every day. To know the current unemployment status in India , visit the Unemployment Rate in India .

So overall, When a person wants to earn money by doing some work and he also looks for work for this but he does not get work, such persons are called unemployed, and this situation is called unemployment. Now let’s talk about Cause of Unemployment;

| Cause of Unemployment in India

Unemployment is a complex problem in which many economic, social institutions and individuals directly or indirectly contribute. The following reasons are important for unemployment in India:-

| slow economic growth – High dependence on agriculture and slow growth of non-farm activities limit employment generation. 

Since independence, the growth rate has been much lower than the target rate. Hence, not enough employment was created. And people began to depend on such jobs which had no future.

| increase in labor force – There are two important factors which lead to increase in labor force, which are as follows –

(1) Increase in population – Population growth and unemployment are interrelated. Rapid growth in population is the factor that greatly affects the availability of work.

The proportion in which the population is increasing in India, economic development is not happening in that proportion, industries are not running, opportunities for work and employment are not increasing, as a result of which the increase of unemployment is natural. 

[Read from here – What is the reason for increasing population?

(2) Social factors – After independence, education of women has changed the attitude towards employment. 

Now women also compete with men for employment in the labor market. But the economy has failed to meet these challenges as a result of which unemployment started taking a permanent form.

| False social prestige – False social prestige is being born in such a way that some people consider doing some special work against their dignity.

For example, tasks like selling art and typing are considered inferior. Sometimes young people shy away from doing this kind of work because their family status is higher than them. They prefer to remain unemployed instead of doing such work.  

| Captious Education System – The present education system in India is a gift or say curse of the British Government. This education gives importance to white collar jobs and increases the feeling of hatred towards body labour.

As a result, there is a special inclination of people to join the service of IAS, IPS, doctors, engineers, college teachers etc. While those services are less available. As a result unemployment is plentiful among the university-educated persons.

| Lack of mobility – Lack of mobility generates unemployment. When people hesitate to move from one area to another, there is a gathering of workers at one place.  

They remain confined to their own ethnic groups, villages, towns and states. This creates the problem of unemployment in that area.

In India, casteism, provincialism, linguistics, family obligations, religious, customs, communalism etc. present special obstacles. Due to which there is no mobility in the individuals.

| Physical disasters – The Indian farmer has to face calamities like excessive rain, drought, famine, epidemic etc. from time to time.

The means of irrigation etc. are also very less, as a result, the yield is not even as much as it should be. If there is a higher yield, more people can be given work. Therefore, unemployment also arises due to material calamities.

| Industrialization – In cities where there are big industries, thousands of people get work there, but the machine is such a demon that produces at a demonic speed.

The work which 100 men could not do in a whole day, they do it in a couple of hours, as a result, the livelihood of that many people is automatically taken away. 

Thousands of people keep coming in the grip of automatic mechanization and rationalization and are deprived of their livelihood.

| Cycle of recession – Thousands of people keep coming in the grip of the fast-recession cycle that goes on in business, due to which people are laid off from time to time and unemployment keeps on increasing.

| Rural-urban migration – One of the reasons for increasing unemployment in urban areas is that a large number of rural population migrate to the cities. This has put a lot of pressure on the cities, they are unable to handle such a large unskilled and uneducated population.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons of unemployment, other reasons are discussed, such as the Indian economy could not meet the infrastructure needed to become a production and export hub.

Along with this, malnutrition or other health problems also contribute to increasing unemployment. Apart from this, if we look at the statements of some scholars, then that can also be a reason for increasing unemployment;

Adamsmith ‘ has considered the lack of capital to be the cause of unemployment. 

‘John Maynard Keynes ‘ has attributed unemployment to the desire to save.

some economists have attributed the imbalance in demand and supply to unemployment.

Eliot and Merrill attributed unemployment to the slowdown in the business cycle after industrialization prosperity.

Thus it is clear from the above description that unemployment is the result of various social, economic, political and personal reasons. It depends on the social circumstances that which cause is particularly effective and where.

Overall, this is the main reason for increasing unemployment, hopefully it will be understood. Now let’s discuss Types of unemployment;

| Types of Unemployment in India

There are many types of unemployment based on various factors as follow;

Seasonal unemployment

Seasonal unemployment means non-availability of work in certain months. In other words, there are some jobs that generate a lot of employment in certain months, but after the work is over, the same situation comes again in other months of the year.

Seasonal unemployment is seen in the agricultural sector and some specialized manufacturing units – sugar and ice factories. The nature of work in the agricultural sector, sugar and ice factories is such that the workers have to remain idle for 4-6 months in a year.   

cyclical unemployment

Cyclical unemployment is found in the areas of trade and commerce. When there is ups and downs in business, there is a cyclone of unemployment. When there is a recession, unemployment increases and when there is a boom, unemployment decreases. Take for example the 2008 economic recession.

There are many theories related to the origin of these cyclical conditions of business – the theory of climate, theory of more savings or less consumption, theory of money, psychological theory etc. Sometimes one of them becomes the main.

Structural unemployment

Structural unemployment is basically related to the economic structure. When there is a change in the economic structure due to defects or development, then unemployment is seen.

It is seen that while a particular industry develops in a particular way, then another industry declines. The workers of the depreciating industry become useless – just as the weavers were wiped out with the introduction of machines in the textile industry in India. Similarly, due to the advent of computers, many workers had to lose their jobs.

Frictional unemployment 

When a person leaves one job in search of another job, during which he remains unemployed till new employment is found, it is called Frictional unemployment.

In other words, when the production conditions and machines change in any industry, the old workers become useless for some time. But soon after getting training in new techniques of production, they find new employment for themselves.

Natural rate of unemployment – ​​The sum of Frictional and structural unemployment is called natural rate of unemployment.

Hidden unemployment

Such unemployment, which is not visible directly, is called hidden unemployment. It is also called disguised unemployment. It occurs when a person does not contribute to the production, while apparently working.

In other words, under hidden unemployment, more people are seen performing the same type of work than necessary. This type of situation can be seen in rural agro-economy.

In the village, many people work on that part of the land in which only one person can do it. Due to which there is no increase in their production. If other than one is removed from it, then there will be no reduction in agricultural production.

Semi unemployment

When a person starts working for less than the prevailing real wage, then such a condition is called under-employment or semi-employment.

In other words, a person who is engaged in some economic activity but is not getting salary or work according to his desire and skill, then such persons are called underemployed.

In this situation, the person accepts the work on the principle of ‘बैठे से बेगार भली’. Like seeing a person with a postgraduate pass and PhD degree working in private schools on two or three thousand monthly.

Educated Unemployment in India

Educated unemployment is the main problem of India’s economic problems. This situation hinders our economic development. Unemployment among the educated class is a different types of unemployment.

Like a person does graduation, post graduation after years, but when he comes to the market after finishing his studies and taking degree with him, he does not get any work and he becomes unemployed, then this situation is called educated unemployment.

Broadly speaking, unemployment can be divided into two main parts – (1) involuntary unemployment and (2) voluntary unemployment .

Such a person, who wants to earn money and is also looking for employment but is unable to get employment, he is called unemployed and this situation is called involuntary unemployment. Involuntary because there is a desire to work but the work is not being found.

On the other hand, such a person who does not want to work himself or even if he wants to do it because of less salary, then such a situation is called voluntary unemployment

Voluntary unemployment is not classified as unemployment; This is because work is available but for some reason the person does not want to do it himself.

So overall the thing to remember here is that involuntary unemployment is considered as unemployment and this involuntary unemployment is further divided into cyclical unemployment, seasonal unemployment, structural unemployment and disguised unemployment, which we (unemployment types) have been discussed in detail in the article.

Educated unemployment is also involuntary unemployment because here also a person wants to work, wants to earn money but he does not get work. Let us understand in detail;

| Explanation

Population , or rather over population, acts as an obstacle in the path of development In an economy that houses 1.35 billion people, we can hardly expect that the demands of every individual are met. The population is too large to meet basic food supplies and medical treatment, etc.

India is among the top 5 countries with the highest number of students going to universities. But the problem is that there is no increase in the number of opportunities.

Every year lakhs of youth graduate but most of them do not get any employment. This gap is especially widened in times of recession, when companies and organizations find it difficult to cope with a crippling economy, resulting in layoffs, with little recruitment of newcomers.

Low Level Educational Institutions When we compare our educational institutions with institutions outside the country, we come to understand that our educational system is extremely flawed. Outdated curriculum, substandard educational resources, lack of infrastructure have become synonymous with these institutions.

Students are not trained to meet the needs of the market, or to understand the subject fundamentally, but to rote the syllabus and get the right grades. Although the New Education Policy 2020 has promised to rectify these errors, but it will be known only in the coming time.

Lack of Appropriate Skills or Qualifications To work in any industry, it is quite important to focus on the skills and qualifications required. However, most of the youth today have a degree but lack the appropriate skills that they should possess for a job.

On finding the reason for all this, we find fault in the basic education system somewhere. It is important to focus on communication, language or other relevant skills at the primary stage itself.

Women not being empowered Most of the women leave the idea of ​​taking a job after graduation. This is mainly due to the chances of marriage and other familial or social expectations being put into it.

The idea of ​​working woman is still not widely accepted in India, while in today’s time most of the women aspires to build their career, paucity of time and family pressure always keeps them away from taking good opportunities. There has been a reason.

| the problem of educated Unemployment in India

Among the educated unemployed, there are some people who are in a position of under-employment. They get some work done but this work is either not done according to their education or it is less than their capacity.

In this way their unemployment is hidden. There are also some educated persons who have not got some work, that is, they are openly unemployed.

Today the unemployment of the working class is not as much a concern as that of the educated class. The working class makes a living by getting some occasional work through labor, but the educated class is becoming a victim of both physical and mental ailments due to lack of livelihood.

He not only loses his health in the pursuit of practically zero book education, but also becomes indolent by turning away from physical labor. He experiences a kind of hesitation in the traditional profession.

Every year universities, colleges and schools are producing intellectuals, clerks and chair struggling babus. British Bureaucracy has gone from India but it has not gone from the mind of the people of India.

The student who came to the university to get higher education does not even think under IAS and PCS. The same is the case with high school and intermediate students. Knocking on the doors of police sub-inspector and railway jobs.

There are many people who are doing agriculture on a large scale. If we make good use of our education to do agriculture through scientific system, then the economic condition of the country will improve. But this does not happen because farming is considered a low level profession.

|educated Unemployment in India figures

According to statistics, the number of unemployment in the country is more than 10 crores. The worst situation is in West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha and Assam. The best states are Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu.

While 23 percent of the people were unemployed in the 2001 census , their number increased to 28 percent in the 2011 census . And after the Corona epidemic of 2020 , lakhs of people who had got jobs also had to lose their jobs.  

Meanwhile, the International Labor Commission also raised the issue of unemployment in India in its report. According to ILO, women employment is in crisis, opportunities for capital based employment are decreasing.

There are no more wages in sectors like agriculture. People are being evacuated from there. But these women can’t work in other categories like service sector right now because they don’t have that much qualification.

On the basis of educational qualification, you can see in the chart below what was the unemployment situation in 2019.

Statistic: Share of unemployment across India in 2019, by educational qualification | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

So overall this is educated unemployment in India , Now let’s discuss bad effect of unemployment ;

| bad effect of Unemployment in India

Employment is the basic basis of human livelihood. It is a powerful means of fulfilling the primary and basic need of human being to satisfy hunger and thirst. But the unemployed person has to face many problems.

In times of crisis, the unemployed person becomes a burden not only for his family, for the society, for the community and even for the nation.

In order to earn his living and provide nourishment to his dependents, he becomes ready to do many misdeeds. Diversionary tendencies are awakened in him. The deviant behavior then forces the disruptive to behave. This ultimately disturbs the social structure.

Unemployed person starts behaving undisciplined, characterless and idealistic. And suffering from poverty and misery, starved of poverty, indebted, recovering from living like dogs and cats, turns towards theft, dacoity, smuggling, violence and many other types of criminal activities.

Openly commits crimes like prostitution, begging, suicide etc. In this way the whole society, the whole community, the whole nation is affected by unemployment.

Many types of social problems arise from unemployment, economic problems arise in the country. People’s health is damaged, the mind becomes dysfunctional, its aspirations die, the sense of honor and responsibility dies and becomes so indebted that then the feelings of individual, family, community and national progress are destroyed.

The bad effect of Unemployment in India are presented here in the following points –

Personal dissolution

Unemployment is very dangerous for a young person, for people in loss of livelihood, for persons engaged in partial employment and for low-paid persons.

It has the highest number of unemployed persons . Like illiterate unemployed persons, educated unemployed persons have a major role in theft, dacoity, smuggling, violence, gambling, drinking etc. Unemployment thus paves the way for individual disintegration.

Family breakdown

Not only does personal disintegration of a person hurt by unemployment, it is also the source of family disintegration. Lack of money gives rise to trouble at every step, worry and discord.

When the members of the family do not get enough food, when clothes are not available to cover the body, when there is no house to live and when they have to be deprived of other facilities of life, then there is a break in the relationship between spouses. And divorce happens. Children become orphans. They start doing scrap work in the streets.

Social Disruption

Unemployment which leads to individual disintegration and family disintegration is also the cornerstone of social disintegration. As a result of unemployment, the attitude of unemployed persons becomes sharp, their social life starts becoming empty. The sense of community begins to erode.

This individualism also increases crime by giving rise to many types of problems, which is a direct form of social disintegration.

Community disintegration

The cornerstone of community organization is “community spirit” i.e. the ‘feeling of us’. Community disintegration begins when man withdraws from community cooperation and consensus.

He ceases to participate in community life, in community interest. And starts getting stressed and sometimes tries to sow the seeds of revolution in the society.

Promoting terrorism

Unemployment fuels terrorism. Unemployed persons are angry towards the society, towards the government for their present condition. Their thinking becomes negative, they think that if this society cannot fulfill their aspirations of getting suitable employment then it must be ruined. With this they want to do organized violence against the state.

Youth unemployment has played an important role in increasing terrorism in Punjab and Assam. Both the states have had the same problem of having large numbers of youth unemployed.

Thus it is clear that the bad effect of unemployment prove to be very fatal. Unemployed person’s life gets disintegrated, it also disintegrates family and society.

loss of nation

Unemployed person not only does nothing for himself, but also he is not able to contribute in the development of the nation, and when the number of such people starts increasing, then it also has a big impact on the growth of the economy.

Because they themselves are not doing anything, that’s why the government has to do something for them and in such a situation, the government spends the same money which other people have deposited with the government in the form of tax; Whereas those money could have been used to improve the lifestyle further.

According to the Human Development Index 2020 , India’s rank is 131st out of 189 countries, which is not telling the good condition of India at all. In such a situation, if unemployment is controlled in some way, then surely we will get an improved and respectable rank in the Human Development Index next time.

So overall these are the bad effect of unemployment; Hope you have understood. Now let’s discuss the Solution of Unemployment ;

| Solution of Unemployment

Unemployment is a serious problem. The consequences of this are very fatal. Its removal is in the interest of both the individual and the society. It can be overcome only in organized and planned form, it is not possible only with government effort. 

Unemployment needs a joint sincere effort of the individual, society and the government. The following measures can prove to be effective in this regard.

controlling population growth

Control of population growth is necessary to remove unemployment. The proportion in which the means of employment increase, the increase in population is seen in a manifold proportion. That is why it is necessary to stop the increase in population.

If you look like this, it seems to be just one reason, but if we go to the bottom of it, then this one reason is the mother of many other reasons. Because in this capitalist economy everything is linked to money.

If there is no employment, then the money will not come. If money does not come, poverty will increase. If poverty increases, the standard of living will fall. If the standard of living declines, uncleanliness will become his friend. Unclean friendship will cost him dearly. Various diseases will increase in it and the number of unhealthy people will increase.

Now the one who was unwell with the body till now will start becoming unhealthy mentally too. If you are mentally unwell, then dirty thoughts will come in your mind. And as soon as dirty thoughts start coming in the mind, crimes like theft, dacoity, robbery, rape, murder, treason, terrorism will increase.

This situation goes on like this in just one order, now the one who does not have employment, if he has children, then due to poor economic condition he will not be able to get good education, will not be able to get nutritious food, will not be able to get healthy environment.

This will make him adopt a narrow minded personality. Due to lack of necessary skills, he will not get a good job and the same situation will keep repeating again. From this it can be understood how important it is to reduce the population growth rate.

development of agriculture

India is an agricultural country. Unemployment can be reduced due to agricultural development. Employment opportunities can be increased in agriculture with new equipment, artificial fertilizers, improved seeds, irrigation schemes, breaking new cultivable land, planting trees, planting gardens and intensive farming.

With the development of agriculture, the income of the person will increase, the standard of living will increase, there will be development in desire and capacity. All this will reduce unemployment.

Education reform

Unemployment of the educated is a burning question today. The problem of educated unemployment in our country is getting serious day by day. This shows that the education system of contemporary India is flawed. Today, youths run towards jobs after leaving universities and colleges. They feel ashamed of doing physical labor and manual work.

Yet, as far as higher education is concerned, it should be open to only those people who are really talented or really capable. If all these things are translated into action, then surely the wildly increasing rate of unemployment will come down.

Recently the Government of India has introduced a new education policy. This is expected to give good results in the coming time.

Establishment of employment offices

Lack of information is also one of the reasons for unemployment. In this context, there is a need to set up employment offices on a large scale. Employment within the country can be made aware of employment facilities and opportunities to educated and trained, skilled and unskilled workers and illiterate but physically and mentally healthy unemployed.

Its branch should be in rural areas and in those areas where there is a need for unemployed labor. This will at least ensure that the employment that is available will be allotted to the right people.

creative work

At the national level, buildings for workers and middle-class people should be constructed in all areas. Due to this, employment investment to the people on the one hand, and good housing for the workers on the other hand, their health will improve.

Employment opportunities will increase due to expansion and development of education, health, social services and offices. Similarly, by promoting the works of construction of dams, bridges, roads, parks and river valleys, the labor of many unemployed persons can be utilized.  

Improvement in the current economy of the country

The problem of unemployment is an economic problem. As long as the current economy of the country does not improve, this problem will remain like a dragon.

This epidemic can be removed only when the path of industrial development in the country is paved. Only then will the country prosper economically and many unemployed people will get employment and the program of industrial development in the country will be able to get rid of unemployment.

Development of Micro, Small and Medium Industries

The data has proved that micro, small and medium industries are the largest employment generating sector. This sector alone provides about 12 crore jobs, that is why it is also called the growth engine of the Indian economy.

What actually happens is that such industries require less capital and can be run by family members. Through this, it also gives employment to the farmers and other people sitting idle. In such a situation it becomes necessary that the government should provide capital for their development.

Vocational education

It is very important to improve the education system of the country so that children get job ready and come out of school or college. 

For this, emphasis should be given to choose vocational education according to the interest of the students after passing high school, or such awareness should be spread so that the students themselves choose such field. In this context, there is a lot of expectation from the New Education Policy 2020 .

Other solution of Unemployment in India –

In addition to these measures, the following suggestions can be important in unemployment prevention –

(1) Unemployment can be reduced to some extent by balancing the mobility of labor.

(2) The provision of unemployment insurance scheme or unemployment allowance etc. can be made by the governments until he gets employment.

(3) By further developing the village-city relationship, people with the right skills can be sent to the right place, as well as some employment can be created by implementing some of the features of the cities in the village.

(4) By preventing the Chinese market from entering the Indian market by the government and making its own cheap and durable products, production can be increased, this can also create a large amount of employment.

In this way, unemployment can be removed by the jointness of many efforts. It has many forms, so a lot of effort is needed. In this, along with the role of the government, the contribution of capitalists and industrialists and voluntary organizations can be noteworthy.

| Government efforts to reduce Unemployment in India

Unemployment is a very serious problem. The consequences of this are very fatal. In view of its ill effects, the government has taken many steps towards solution of unemployment.

Several schemes were launched by the Government of India in the last 5-6 years. The following is a list of government schemes whose benefits are being directly received by the people of India.

(1) Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (2) Mudra Loan Scheme (3) Security Insurance Scheme (4) Atal Pension Yojana (5) Pradhan Mantri Yuva Yojana (6) Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (7) Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.

Thus, it is clear from the above description that the government has been working in removing unemployment through various schemes and programs. But all these efforts have not proved very effective. A genuine and genuine effort is needed in this regard.

Hope you understand the solution of unemployment; So let’s sum up this article ; don’t forget to share this article ;

Closing Remarks

Employee means to work in any business, in return for which money or something of value for money is earned. Many workers in the village get food grains in return for money. 

Generally women’s household works cannot be counted as employment because they are not economically productive. On the other hand, if they do such work inside or outside the house from which they can earn money, then they are called employment.

When a person wants to earn money and he also looks for work for this but he does not get work, such persons are called unemployed, and this situation is called unemployment.

The most serious aspect of unemployment is the personal aspect. The person who does not have any business has to face many personal calamities and his income stops.

No matter what is done to help him, financial insecurity changes his entire outlook on life. This affects all its work. Later on believing that society does not need it and it is useless; Self-esteem may also be lost in it.

In the end, he may become downright frustrated, and may even be careless in other things and give up on the pursuit of business.

In some cases of mental and emotional instability, unemployment is a purely individual problem that needs to be treated individually, but in general it is an economic and social problem.

So overall this is Unemployment in India , hopefully you must have understood. Also read other important articles related to the same topic, Thanks for reading…!

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