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Buddha was a great personality, his thoughts make unclear things even more clear, his thoughts still affect us today because they are relevant even today. Find more Stories from here.

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Inspirational story of Buddha

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trade of religion

Lord Buddha once went to a farmer’s house in Kashi to ask for alms. The alms box was carried forward. The farmer once saw him from top to bottom. The body was perfect.

Incidentally, he was a karma worshiper. Looking with deep eyes he said – “I am a farmer. I fill my stomach with my hard work. Along with many other people. Why do you want to get food without working hard?!

Buddha replied in a very calm voice – “I am also a farmer. I also do farming.’

The farmer asked the question filled with surprise – ‘Then……..why are you asking for alms now?

Lord Buddha while resolving the doubts of the farmer said – Because Vatsa! That cultivation is of the soul. I sow the seeds of faith with the solution of knowledge. I irrigate with the water of penance. The vehicle of continuous practice is leading me to the destination where there is neither sorrow nor anguish, from this cultivation of mine the crop of immortality blooms.

So, if you give me some part of your cultivation…….and I give you some part of my farming, will this deal not be a good deal? The matter came to the understanding of the farmer and he fell down at the feet of Tathagata.

pundits and fools

There was a very close friendship between two youths of Shravasti, both of them used to do the business of cutting the pockets of others. One day Lord Buddha’s discourse was going on at a place. Knowing the good opportunity, both the friends reached there.

One of them liked the discourses of Lord Buddha very much and started listening to them in meditation. The other cleared several pockets in the meantime. Both returned home in the evening. One had money, the other had good thoughts.

The pickpocket said sarcastically – “You are a big fool, who got influenced by the words of others. Now cook the food of this erudite and fill his stomach. The second pickpocket , saddened by his past deeds, returned to the Buddha and told him everything.

Buddha explained – ‘Vats! The one who tries to remove his evils by accepting them is the true pundit, but the one who becomes a pundit even after doing evil is a fool.’!

thanks back

Once upon a time, Lord Buddha stayed in the house of a Brahmin while roaming in order to spread knowledge. At that time the brahmins were very angry with the Buddha because the brahmins felt that the Buddha had harmed his religion.

Well, when the brahmin came to know that he was a Buddha, he abused his heart, said abusive words and asked him to leave his house immediately. Buddha listened for a long time.

When that Brahmin stopped speaking, he asked – “Dwijvar! If you have any guests coming here, you will welcome them with beautiful food and sweets. What doubts in this – he replied.

And if for some reason the guest refuses to eat, then you will throw those dishes. “Why throw, we take it ourselves” – he answered confidently.

“So we do not accept your offering of abuses, take your own thing.” Saying this, Buddha walked away with a smile.

hunger for loyalty

A merchant named Shaurpuchha once said to Lord Buddha- “May God accept my service. I have one lakh gold coins, all of them will be useful for you.’ Buddha left silently without saying anything.

After a few days he again appeared in the service of Tathagata and started saying – “Dev! Take this jewelery and clothes, it will be useful for the poor, I still have a lot of money left. Buddha got up from there without saying anything. Shaurpuchcha was very sad that how he should please Gurudev!

There was a great religious convention in Vaishali that day, thousands of people came. A big arrangement had to be made. Hundreds of disciples and monks were engaged in the work. Today, Shaurpuchha did not ask anything to anyone, he got busy in work. The night passed, everyone left but Shaupurachch remained unconscious in his work.

Buddha reached to him and said – “Shaurpuchcha, did you get the prasad or not.” Shaurpuchcha’s throat became tight. Feeling overwhelmed, he saluted the Tathagata with respect. Buddha said – “Vats, God does not want wealth and wealth from anyone, he is hungry for loyalty. He delights in people’s loyalty, today you yourself have come to know this.’!

Kumaril’s Repentance

Kumaril Bhatt made a vow to refute the atheist ideology of Buddhism and to fulfill that he completed his intensive study of Buddhism at the University of Taxila.

According to the custom of those days, students had to take a pledge to remain faithful to Buddhism for life, only then they were admitted to the school. Kumaril took a false promise and as soon as the education was over, he started rejecting Buddhism and spreading Vedic religion.

He also got a lot of success in his endeavor. By making a splash of debate, he proved the absurdity of nihilism and strengthened the faltering Vedic beliefs again.

Success was achieved in the work but Kumaril’s conscience remained disturbed. Due to the sin of killing the promise made in front of the Guru and the faith which had been given to him, his soul started feeling sad all the time.

In the end he decided to burn alive in the fire to atone for this sin. Countless scholars from all over the country reached to see the compassionate scene of this atonement, among them was Adi Shankaracharya.

While explaining to Kumaril not to atone, he said – “You did it for the public interest, then why should you atone?” On this Kumaril said – “Good work should also be done on a good path, the tradition of doing good work by following the wrong path is wrong.

I deceived him as objection religion but do not want to start his tradition. If others follow me on the immoral path and try for a good cause, then only religion and morality will be destroyed and then the profit obtained will be of no value.

Therefore, it is only appropriate to make atonement for me for professing the quintessence of virtue.’! Kumaril got burnt in the fire of atonement, his professed faith will be immortal forever.

All are Shudras by birth

Lord Buddha was preaching to the villagers in the orphan Pindak’s Jaitavan. The disciple orphan Pindak was also taking advantage of the religious discussion sitting nearby. Then Mahakashyap, Maudgalyayan, Sariputra, Chunda and Devadatta appeared coming from the front.

On seeing them the Buddha said – “Vats! Arise, this Brahmin congregation is coming, arrange a suitable seat for him.’! The orphan Pindak looked towards Ayushmann, then wondered, “Lord. You probably don’t know them. There is only one Brahmin among them, the rest some are Kshatriyas, some Vaishyas and some untouchables are Bhils.

Gautam Buddha laughed after hearing the words of the orphan Pindak and said – “Tat! Caste is not recognized by birth, but by virtues, deeds and nature. I have called them brahmins because of being superior, devout, pious, restrained and service-oriented. You must definitely consider such a person to be a Brahmin; all living beings are Shudras by birth.’!

Sujata’s Kheer and Buddha’s Self-Realization

Sujata gave the pudding, the Buddha felt great satisfaction after receiving it. The samadhi that took place on that day was then broken on the seventh day. When he awoke, he had had self-realization. Sujata, who went to see the happy Buddha seated on the banks of the Niranjara river, was wondering how he could sit on the same pedestal for seven days.

Then some people appeared from the front, taking a dead body. Lord Buddha started laughing on seeing that dead body. Sujata asked – “Yogiraj! Till yesterday you used to get sad seeing the dead body, where has that sorrow gone today?!

Lord Buddha said- “Girls! Happiness and sorrow are only human imagination. Till yesterday, being attached to material things, there was a fear that it might be left behind, that it might get separated.

This fear was the cause of sorrow, today I have come to know that whatever is inert, its only quality is change, but for whom we grieve, it is neither changeable nor perishable. Now only you tell the one who gets the eternal thing, what is the sorrow of the perishable things.’! Sujata was pleased to hear this answer and herself engaged in self-contemplation.

lying in the madness

One day Bhikkhu Sangam ji asked Lord Buddha – “Lord! What is the identity of the one who is lying in the madness of the world?” Lord Buddha did not give any immediate answer and kept on talking.

On the second day he had a banquet at the Koliya daughter Suppavasa of Kundiya Nagar. Suppavasa had suffered the pain of conceiving for seven years. It was only by the grace of Lord Buddha that she got rid of this suffering, in this happiness she was giving a banquet to the bhikkhus-sangh.

While Suppavasa was feeding Tathagata, her husband was standing nearby with the newborn baby. Being in the womb for seven years, the child was developed from birth. Very beautiful to look at. His laughing and playing activities were very adorable. He was repeatedly trying to go to his mother’s lap.

Lord Buddha smiled and asked – “Daughter Suppavasa! If you get such sons, how many more sons can you wish for? Suppavasa said – “Lord! It is good if you have seven such sons.’! Sangam ji was sitting next to him.

Sangam ji was very surprised to see that till yesterday, who was very upset due to labor pain, today she is again wishing for sons. Buddha laughed and said – “Sangam ji, do not be surprised, this is the answer to your yesterday’s question.”

qualification test

A young man named Ankmal appeared in front of Lord Buddha and said – “Lord! I want to do some service to the world, send me wherever you want so that I can show people the way of righteousness.

The Buddha laughed and said – “Tat! Before giving something to the world, you must have something, whereas you do not have anything like this, go first increase your ability and then serve the world also.

Ankmal left from there and got involved in the practice of various arts. From arrow-making to painting, from mallvidya to sailing, he practiced all the arts he could rigorously for 10 years.

Ankmaal became so good in all this that his fame spread all over the country. Pleased with his praise, Ankmal returned proudly and attended the service of Tathagata.

Describing his ability, he said – “Lord! Now I am a master of 64 arts and now I can teach something or the other to every person in the world.”

Lord Buddha smiled and said – “You have come after learning the arts, take the test, then be proud of them.” The next day, Lord Buddha disguised as an ordinary citizen went to Ankmal and started telling him lies without any reason.

When Ankmal got angry and ran to kill him, Buddha came back smiling from there. On the same day two Buddhist shramanas disguised themselves and went near Ankamal and said – “Acharya! Emperor Harsha has expressed his desire to give you a ministerial post. Will you accept that?

Uncle got greedy, he said- “Yes-yes, why not, come now.” Both the Shramans also “smiled and returned silently.

Uncle was surprised – what is the matter? After a while Lord Buddha appeared again. Amrapali was with him. Ankmal kept looking at Amrapali for as long as Tathagat stayed there. After finishing the talk, Tathagata returned to the ashram.

In the evening Ankmal was called again by Buddha Dev and asked – “Vatts! Have you also learned the knowledge of victory over anger, lust and greed? Ankmal remembered all the events of the day. He bowed his head in shame and from that day onwards engaged in the practice of self-conquest.

do not return disappointed

Lord Buddha was lying on his death bed. There was only a short delay in the setting of his life-light. When a sadhu named Subhadra heard this news, he appeared in his service with the aim of clearing some doubts related to his religion.

But Anand, who was situated at the door of the hut, prevented him from going inside and said – “It would not be appropriate to trouble the Lord at this time.” But Subhadra kept on insisting that he should be allowed to have darshan of God.

Buddha ji heard this discussion lying inside vaguely and said from there – “Anand! Let Subhadra come in. He has come with the desire to acquire knowledge, he has not come to trouble me.’! As soon as Subhadra went inside and saw that calm statue of compassion, Buddha’s teachings entered his heart and he became a Buddhist monk. Lord Buddha did not disappoint any aspirant of knowledge even though he was dead.

App Deepo Bhava:

When Lord Buddha started dying, he called his disciples and gave the last sermon – You people depend on yourselves. Don’t expect anyone else’s help. Create light for yourself from within. Take refuge in the truth and hold on to it with strong hands.

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