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Short Religious Story for Everyone

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10+ Short Religious Story

Short Religious Story no. 1

right to god

The entrance festival of the Gurukul was over, classes started running regularly. The students used to feel great satisfaction and gaiety after listening to the discourses of Vice Chancellor Skandadeva on Yoga and Spirituality.

One day during the question-and-answer period, the disciple Kaustubh asked a question – Gurudev! Can God be attained in this life?! Skandadeva remained silent for a moment. Thought something and said – “You will get the answer to this question tomorrow and yes today evening before going to the lap of Nidradevi, all of you should chant Vasudev Mantra 108 times and inform me about it in the morning.’!

It was time for the morning discourse. All the students came in discipline. The Vice-Chancellor asked before starting his discourse- “Which of you chanted how many mantras yesterday evening before going to sleep.”

All the students raised their hands. Nobody had made a mistake. Everyone had chanted 108-108 mantras and meditated on God. But it seemed that Skandadeva was not satisfied. He looked around. Kaustubh was not there, he was called.

Skandadeva asked the distraught Kaustubh as soon as he arrived – “Kaustubh! Did you also chant 108 mantras before sleeping? Kaustubh rolled his eyes, gracious speech and gentle posture. He told – “Gurudev, forgive the offense, I tried a lot, but when the mind went into counting the number of chants, then the attention of God was not there and when I used to meditate on the Lord, I would have forgotten the count. The night went on like this and he could not complete the fast.

Skandadeva smiled and said – “Balko! This is the answer to yesterday’s question. When we get engaged in counting the world’s happiness, wealth and enjoyment, then we forget the love of God. Anyone can get it, anyone can get it by removing the mind from external rituals.

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Short Religious Story no. 2

attainment of enlightenment

On the picturesque banks of the Ganges on the Mahendra mountain, lived a brahmin named Dhrishtapas along with his wife. Dhrishtapas was a self-study, religious and godly Mahatma, his wife was also a gentle woman.

In due course of time, two sons were born to him with the same qualities. The elder one was named Punya and the younger one was named Pavana. Punya was a great ascetic. Within no time he attained enlightenment. Now he had no attachment to the world, no malice, attachment or attachment; He performed worldly duties with a selfless spirit. Pavan was educated, but he did not realize himself.

One day Dhrishtapas died, it did not hurt the Punya , but the Pavana spent many days weeping in the memory of his father. The coincidence of time, within a few days, the mother also died. Then there was a kind of thunderbolt on the Pavana. Due to grief, he did not even take food for many days. Punya was such that neither did the grief of the death of the father nor the death of the mother.

He performed both the funeral rites and the Shradh Tarpan with classical rituals. Even after a long time, when the mourning of the Pawana did not end, then one day Punya called him near and explained – ‘Tat! Our parents earned enough of dharma and virtue in this world, so they became liberated in life. The body is like a garment, the soul keeps on changing many bodies, what is the sorrow for him.

Even after explaining this much, the pawana did not realize, so Punya showed him the condition of his many births with a yogic vision. The same Pawana was born in the country Dasarnava as a monkey, in Tushar as a prince, In Trigarta as a donkey and a shawl as a forest bird. Seeing the description of many yonis in one hundred births, he was disillusioned with the Pawana and then he attained enlightenment.

Short Religious Story no. 3

before accomplishment

The minister was urgently needed for an urgent business. When he was called, he came to know that he is sitting in the worship, he will not be able to come at this time. The work was necessary, the king himself thought it appropriate to reach the minister.

Even after the king’s arrival, the minister continued to sit in meditation till the worship was completed. When the minister got up after the worship was over, the king asked – “Well, what is such an important thing for which you kept on ignoring me?!!

The minister said-” Rajan! I was chanting Gayatri. This Mahamantra collects all the means of welfare in the world and the hereafter. Its fruit is huge. This is what I worship wholeheartedly.”

The king said – “Then we will also learn it and we will also reap the same benefits.” The minister said – ‘There is no harm in learning, but you will not get the same benefit as has been told. Without faith and belief, even mantras do not bear fruit. Before learning the mantra, you should practice devotion.

After consulting the work for which the king had come, he went back. But the matter of that mantra remained fixed in his mind, which the ministers attach so much importance to.

One day the king incidentally asked the minister – ‘Why does a mantra not bear fruit without reverence? The minister did not answer anything, he became silent. But after a while a child employee came out from there, then the minister called him close and ordered – “Put a pat on the king’s cheek.”

The child was stunned on hearing this command. But he didn’t do that. The minister gave the same order two or three times, even then the boy did not listen to the minister and stood silently.

Seeing the rudeness of the minister, the king got angry and ordered the boy to put two pats on the minister’s cheek. The employee boy immediately put two pats on the minister’s cheek.

The minister said humbly – “Rajan, this is the answer to your question. The boy did not listen to me. He considered you to be the authority of such command and I as an authority. The same is true of mantras, they fulfill the wishes of Shraddhavans and Satpatras only. That’s why I had asked you to become a knower and even before chanting the mantra, I had prayed to adopt Shraddha Virtue.’!

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Short Religious Story no. 4

curse of lust

Roopgarvita Apsara Vashu went with her full furnishings to distract Maharishi Durvasa from his penance. Vashu thought why should I not dominate everywhere. The whole forest region reverberated with his trembling song and the chimes of the anklets.

She reached near Durvasa’s hut. The hysterical voice Lahiri started entering Maharishi’s ears. The sage was disturbed. When he looked at it from the point of view of yoga, it did not take him long to understand everything.

Apsara has come to tempt and mislead them. He felt bad about the idea of ​​defeating the desire for austerity. He felt upset, his eyes turned red.

After coming out of the hut, the sage saw for a moment the dance of that form and said – “Unfortunate! With the blessings that you had received, you could awaken the dormant devotional spirit of the world, divert the satire in the direction of nectar. But hey idiot! You were ready to do the opposite. Go, enjoy the fruits of your karma. You will go around in the vagina of a bird. You will have four sons but they will remain handicapped.’!

How was Maharishi’s curse false? Vashu left Apsara’s body and became a simple bird. The eggs were laid, four children came out of them. But all of them were handicapped. Roopgarvita Apsara now had only repentance left.

Vashu, the goddess of art, is still engaged in establishing her dominance in the public psyche by inciting ill-wishers with her dance music. But because the target is corrupt, he has to roam here and there like a destitute bird.

Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha, all four children are born from the womb of Kala. But if they become the target of lust, they will remain crippled. Even today the Apsara of Kala (Arts) has to repent like the cursed Vishnu. How could his dance done for lust reach any other result?

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Short Religious Story no. 5

do karma then you will get

The court of Kauravas is engaged. On one side the Pandavas are also sitting in the corner. Due to Duryodhana’s orders, Dushasana arose and dragged Draupadi to the court. Today the shame of that Abla is going to be plundered in the hands of the wicked. He will be naked in the assembly.

The committed Pandavas are sitting with their heads low. Draupadi was saddened by the humiliation that had happened to her. There, the evil Dushasana stood in front of him.

Draupadi asked all the kings and princes present in the meeting; Called the grandfathers for protection, but how could those who lived with the fear of Duryodhana and eating his salt get up.

Draupadi cried out to the Lord, Krishna came running to know that today the devotee is in a rush. He appeared to Draupadi and asked – “If you have given clothes to anyone, remember.”

Draupadi remembered one thing and said – “God! Once she had gone to fetch water, while doing penance, the loincloth of the sage got washed away in the river, then she was torn half from the saree.

Lord Krishna said – “Don’t worry Draupadi now. You will be protected.” And the more the sari dragged on the misery, the more it grew. Dushasan sat down in defeat, but the side of the sari did not come.

If a man has not done anything of his own, then even the creator himself cannot help him because the law of the universe is immutable. Just as the legislators who impose the legislation have to follow it themselves, similarly God’s incarnation, great man, God himself cannot violate the laws made by him. Due to this, their creation operation will be disturbed.

In this regard, those people who think that God will do everything should be alert and keep their hands on their hands. Whatever one gets in life according to the result of his past or present deeds.

If there is no amount in the bank balance then the account holder has to return empty handed. If there is nothing in the deposits in the account of human actions, then nothing is to be received. When you accumulate the capital of Karma, only then it is possible to get something.

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Short Religious Story no. 6

you couldn’t bear a day

A Mahatma lived near a forest. He was a great guest devotee. On a daily basis, whatever wanderer passed in front of his hut, stopped him and served him with respect.

One day, while waiting for a wanderer, it was evening but no one could come out. They were getting very upset about the fear of breaking the rules that day.

He saw that a hundred year old old man was walking tired. Mahatma ji stopped him, washed his feet and served food. The old man immediately started on the food without offering any food to God and after giving thanks.

Seeing all this the Mahatma was surprised and doubted the old man that the old man said – “I neither believe in any god except fire nor any god.”!

Mahatma ji was very angry after hearing his atheism and pulled the food plate from in front of him and without thinking where he would go in this forest in the night, he was thrown out of the hut.

The old man went to one side leaning on his wood. In the night, Mahatma ji had a dream, God was saying – “Sage, your behavior with that old man has spoiled all the virtue of hospitality.’!

The Mahatma said- “Lord! I took him out because he insulted you.” Prabhu said – “Well, he insults me regularly, even then I suffered him for a hundred years but you could not bear it even for a day.” God disappeared and Mahatma ji’s eyes also opened.

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Short Religious Story no. 7

don’t ambush

Ashwapati did not expand the kingdom, but he took whatever measures were possible to prepare capable citizens. This was the reason that all were healthy, brave and brave citizens in his kingdom. Kana, hunchbacked, lowly and lazy, was not one of them.

The children were handed over to the control of the state officials as soon as they were born in the kingdom of Ashwapati. Ashwapati himself used to arrange for his education and initiation. Every young character of his was an embodiment of strength, perseverance, bravery and restraint. This was the reason that no one could compete with that small state.

After fighting with the mighty emperor Porus, Alexander’s army refused to move forward, at that time Alexander thought why not take over small kingdoms nearby. His curved gaze fell on the kingdom of Ashwapati, situated on the banks of the Ravi river near Amritsar.

Sikandar had already heard the tales of Ashwapati’s valor, his soldiers had also lost their courage, so he attacked Ashwapati in the night with deceit rather than fighting.

The soldiers of Ashwapati, uncertain for the war, were slyly bitten by Alexander’s soldiers and thus this war was also in the hands of the Greeks. Maharaj Ashwapati was taken prisoner.

With the intention of testing Ashwapati’s bravery, Alexander freed him from bondage and made a treaty. In this joy a joint court of both the kings was organized. Ashwapati was world-famous for his fierce fighting dogs, four dogs always lived with Ashwapati. When he reached the court, those dogs were also with him.

Sikandar quipped as soon as he reached them – “Your Majesty these are Indian dogs.” Ashwapati immediately replied – “Yes, they do not attack covertly, they fight even with lions in the field.”

The fight was organized. On the other hand the lion, two dogs here, a fight broke out. The lion killed the dog, but the dogs also released the lion’s sixes. The remaining two dogs were also released and then the lion was made to run away. But the dogs pricked his teeth in such a way that the lion got hurt and fell down there.

Ashwapati shouted and said – “Your Majesty! There is a hero in your army who can separate the teeth of a dog from the flesh of a lion.” One by one many warriors got up and grabbed the legs of the dogs and started pulling them, the dogs broke their legs but they could not get rid of their teeth.

The seven feet tall Ashwapati signaled to his bodyguard. He got up and approached the lion and caught the dog and gave one blow that the dog was also pulled along with the lion’s bone and meat. Alexander had won the war but he was sitting with his head bowed before this reality.

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Short Religious Story no. 8

do good work right now

A woman had returned from her father’s place, saying to her husband – ‘My brother has become estranged. He is going to be a monk by taking initiation on the next Diwali. From now on he has started preparing. He is busy in making proper arrangements for his property.’”

The husband smiled after listening to the wife. The woman asked- “Why are you laughing? What was the point of laughing.” The husband said – “And everything is fine, but I found your brother’s dispassion very wonderful.

Vairagya has become, the date of initiation has just been fixed and he is engaged in proper arrangement of property.’! Wisdom in material possessions and planning so far in this noble work! There is no sacrifice by making such preparations. Renunciation is easy.

The woman felt bad, she said – “If you are such a wise man, why don’t you do anything.” “I was just waiting for your permission.” The man took off his clothes and left the house wearing only a dhoti.

The woman understood that this was a joke. After a while her husband would return, but he had not even gone to return. It is true that no date is considered for dispassion.

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Short Religious Story no. 9

pebbles in rice

Sant Purandar was a householder, yet what greed, what lust and anger did not even touch him. While doing alms in two or three houses, with the two handfuls of rice and flour that he would get, he would have nourished himself and his wife Saraswati Devi and would have been engaged in the works of public service throughout the day.

One day the Rajpurohit Vyas Rai of Vijay Nagar said to Maharaj Krishna Devaraya – “Rajan! Sant Purandar, despite being a householder, is free from disorder like King Janak, throughout the day he is engaged in donating knowledge to the poor, and serving the afflicted. There is no talk of selfishness in his mind.

Maharaj Krishna Deva Raya laughed and said – “Who remained greedy by staying in the household, who was saved from lust? If this is possible in a householder, then all the human beings of the world should not make their body meaningful.’!

Can do – Vyas Rai said – “If people learn to live a life of selflessness, servitude and simple life like Saint Purandar and Goddess Saraswati.” The Maharaj became somewhat sad, said – “If it is so, then you should ask him to alms here for a few days at our place.”

Vyas Rai went to Sant Purandar and requested – ‘You should bring alms from the Raj Bhavan from now on.’ Sant Purandar said – “The people I live among, whom I serve, the alms received from my relatives is enough. .

If you have only two stomachs, what will I do by going to the Raj Bhavan for that? But Vyas Rai continued to insist until the saint accepted his request.

Sant Purandar started going to Raj Bhavan. The rice found there would have been sufficient for their stomach nutrition. The saints would have taken their natural happiness, the Maharaj would have interpreted it to be something else.

One day he even told Vyas Rai – “See the innocence of your saint! Now a days don’t see how happy you are.’” Vyas Rai said – “You have not understood the meaning.” On this the Maharaj said – “You come with me now the matter will become clear.”” Maharaj reached the house of Sant Purandar with Rajpurohit. , saw his wife cleaning the rice.

Maharaj asked – “Sister! What is she doing? Having said this, she picked up the pebbles so far and started throwing them outside. Maharaj said – “Bhadre, these are diamonds and pearls which you call pebbles and stones.'”

Saraswati Devi laughed and said – “Earlier we also used to think the same, but now since I have been away from illusion, their value has remained equal to pebbles and stones.” ” Maharaj was speechless after hearing this answer. He could not say anything further.

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Short Religious Story no. 10

no greater power than struggle

Dronacharya was appointed commander of the Kaurava army. Vijayshree remained in the hands of Arjuna even when the first day’s war was fought valiantly. Seeing this, Duryodhana was very disappointed. He went to Guru Dronacharya and said- ‘Gurudev! Arjuna is only your disciple, you can defeat him in a moment, then why this delay?”

Dronacharya became serious and said – “You are right, Arjuna is my disciple, I am familiar with all his teachings, but his life has been in struggle with difficulty and I have lived in a comfortable day. The calamity has made him stronger than me.’!

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Bonus Short Religious Story

retribution for disgrace

Punjab Keshari Maharaj Ranjit Singh was going somewhere. State employees were also there. When they passed by a garden, suddenly a stone came and felt it to the Maharaj. The staff ran around to nab the culprit.

Children were throwing stones at trees to pluck mangoes. One of them was going to Maharaj. The children were caught and presented in front. Ranjit Singh laughed.

He sent the children away by giving them sweets and gifts and said – “Children, mango gives fruit on lumping, we have also rewarded you by getting hurt. Growing up don’t forget, it is the specialty of elders to do favor even with bad people.


One man was a great atheist, he used to say that the whole world is natural, actions are natural. One day a boy made a big beautiful picture and brought it. The man was very happy to see him.

He asked- “Who has drawn this face?” Then the boy said – “Uncle! At one place in my training school, a paper, colored pencils and pen were kept. You already know that it is natural for every natural thing to move. Instantly it took shape on its own.

Hearing this, the man said that this too can happen anytime….! Immediately the boy said – “If that form cannot be drawn without the puller, then this world cannot be created by itself without any doer.”!

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god does good

A soldier was going to his house on leave. Due to the rain on the way, all the things which were in his possession, such as raw colored chunari, paper toys, batas etc., all got spoiled. The soldier started abusing God that he rained at this time.

When we went ahead, some dacoits were sitting under cover, they aimed at it, but the cartridges were sealed, so the bullet did not fire and the soldier escaped and saved his life. Then he thanked God and started asking for forgiveness and started repenting for his ignorance.

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