Motivational Story for Students: Which story will change our life, don’t know! Keeping this fact in mind, 10 best motivational story have been compiled on this page, hope you will like it.

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| 10 Motivational story for students

Motivational story for students
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Motivational story for students no. 1


How attitude affects our life – let us understand with this short story.

Once upon a time a demon named Goliath had created a lot of panic in a village. He was so big that people used to tremble in fear of him.

Once a boy named David was passing by the same village while grazing sheep, he asked the people of that village why you don’t kill this monster, why don’t you face him.

Those people replied, “You have not seen how big he is, he cannot be killed.”

David said – it is not that he cannot be killed because he is big; Rather the reality is that it is so big that the target aimed at it cannot be missed.

After that David and the villagers together killed him with only a slingshot. The demon was the same, but David had a different view of him.

Motivational story for students no. 2

flight of spirits

A boy was sitting sadly thinking about something in a park in Mumbai. He was sad about something. In between he would cry and then think about something; Then an elderly man came and sat nearby and asked the reason for the sadness.

The boy told that I am very upset. I did a business in which I lost Rs 10 lakh. Now I have a bank loan of Rs 10 lakh, my house is mortgaged, my old mother is ill,

It seems that the troubles of the world have been given to me by God. I don’t understand what to do now.

The elder listened attentively to his words. Then he took out a check from his bag and said – let me solve your problem.

My name is Jamsetji Tata and I am one of the richest person in India. Take this, I am giving you a check of Rs 10 lakh.

You remove your trouble from this and then earn money and return it to me in a year. I will meet you exactly one year from now and take your money.

Saying this the old man left from there. The boy stayed in. As if he was having a dream. In an instant, all his problems were gone.

He was familiar with the name of Jamsetji, but had never seen it. He could not believe that how could someone give such a huge amount to an unknown person.

He thought that when a stranger can trust me, why can’t I trust myself. Now he decided that first he will not use the cheque, first he will try his best with complete honesty and

Only if he fails in his first attempt will he use that cheque. He kept the cheque safe in the cupboard and went about his work diligently.

Now there was only one passion on his head that he had to somehow repay the loan within a year and get himself in good shape.

His hard work paid off. Within a year, he not only repaid his debt but also improved his financial condition.

Exactly a year later, on the same date, he reached the park with the same cheque and waited for the old man. Then the old man appeared.

The boy greeted with great respect and wanted to say something by raising the check when a nurse came and grabbed the old man and started taking him away.

The boy asked the nurse what happened. The nurse said, he is a madman, keeps telling others his name as Jamsetji Tata and considers himself a big industrialist of the country. Repeatedly runs away from the asylum.

The boy came inward upon hearing that the cheque which had awakened his sleeping confidence and which enabled him to take up his career again and repay his entire debt, was a fake.

Motivational story for students no. 3

Right action brings divine grace

One day Lord Vishnu sent Narada to earth to know the efficient news of the world. Narada came to earth obeying the Lord.

He first met a poor poor old man who was longing for food and clothes. He recognized Narad ji and started narrating his sad story with tears and said – “When you meet God, make arrangements for my survival from him.”!

When Narada went ahead with a sad mind, he met a rich man. He also recognized Narad ji and said in anguish – “In what trap has God trapped me. If I had got a little, I would have been able to live in peace and do some hymns and worship, but I could not handle this much wealth. I pray to God to reduce this chain. This disparity lasts for Narada Muni. Because just a while back his experience was something else.

Well, they were walking ahead thinking that they met a group of sadhus. The sadhus surrounded him from all sides and stood up and said – “You keep having fun alone in heaven. Collect the same royal luxury for all of us, otherwise Narad Baba will beat you with tongs and make your straw.’! Frightened, Narada after saving his life, returned to the Lord.

What he saw was enough for him and he had no desire to see.

When God asked Narada the story of that journey, Narada narrated all the three incidents and said to God that hey! Lord, why don’t you fulfill all these desires?

Narayan laughed and said – ‘Devarshi, I am compelled to give something to anyone according to karma. From where should I give the one whose hard work is exhausted?

Next time you go, tell that poor old man to fight against poverty and try to mobilize what he wants, only then he will get divine help.

Similarly, tell that rich person that this wealth has been given to him to help others. If he remains a hoarder, then he will not only become a trap, but later he will also become a calamity. When he will invest that money in helping others, his own mind will get peace.

Narad ji asked – and what should I say to that sadhu troupe?

The Lord’s eyes went up and said – “Tell those wicked that he did not live a life like a sage by disguising himself as a renouncer and a devotee, that is why he will have to bear the consequence of his karma.

Motivational story for students no. 4

Changing a custom is not that easy

There lived a butcher in Rajgriha, the name was ‘Kaal Kasuri’. Same quality as name. He used to kill one hundred buffaloes every day. Gradually this instinct became a habit. He would not have rested without killing him.

One day he fired a sword at a buffalo. The buffalo was strong, so strong, not cut. After putting all his strength, Sulas also gathered nearby to help his father. In the turmoil, the tip of the sword got lost and hit Sulus’s feet. It caused severe pain to the child. He realized that the buffalo is a mute animal and cannot speak, but it must have undoubtedly suffered the same pain. The boy decided that he would never kill animals. But this was not possible for Kaal Kasuri.

One day King Shrenik ordered – “Kaal Kasuri! It is your last time, now you stop slaughtering animals.” But he replied politely – “Your Majesty! It’s impossible for me. No matter how bad the sacrament is, if it is ripe, then it happens like this, then even sin does not feel like a sin, but it also becomes attached to it.’!

King Shrenik put him in prison. But even there Kaal Kasuri did not leave that instinct. He would make earthen buffaloes and kill them with a wooden sword and thus attain self-satisfaction.

The time of death came near. He called his child Sulas and urged – ‘Watts! I hope you will fulfill my last wish.'” The child said- “‘ Father! He is ready to do everything that will not be contrary to my nature.’”

Kaal Kasuri said happily – “I know, I care about your desire and interest. I will not say anything that will hurt your feelings. I want you to be the chief of the house when I am not there.’”

The child Sulas accepted him. Kal Kasuri died. On the appointed day, the ceremony of making Sulas the chief was performed. In the end, Sulas was called after standing buffalo in front of Kuldevi and where did he go to kill him.

But he stood stunned, the sword did not rise. The elders said – “Son, this is a total tradition. The one who becomes the chief has to donate blood to please the goddess.’!

well this is it? Saying that his father’s wish should not remain unfulfilled, he fired a sword and cut off his leg. The family said- “Sulas! What did you do.’” Everyone was screaming. From that day the violence of that family was left forever.

Motivational story for students no. 5

Guru loyalty

In ancient times, the Guru used to teach his disciples the virtues of discipline, discipleship, forgiveness, etc. At that time it was believed that character is as necessary as education and full attention should be paid to its teaching.

Many students used to study in Rishi Dhaumya’s ashram. He used to teach them diligently, as well as test whether the virtues increased or not.

One day it was raining heavily. The Guru said to his student Aruni – “Son! Water is coming out due to the breaking of the bund in the field. You go and tie the bund.

The student immediately stood up and walked towards the field. The flow of the water was fast. The student did not stop. Seeing no solution, Aruni himself lay down at that place. In this way he got success in holding the water.

When the student did not return even after many nights, Dhaumya got worried and went to the field to find him. When I saw the student was lying near the bund holding the water. Seeing this, Guru’s chest filled. He picked up and hugged the disciple.

Similarly, Dhaumya ordered another of his disciples, Upamanyu, to continue his studies while grazing the cows. But did not make any arrangement for his food and wanted to see how he runs his work. The student started taking food by asking for alms. When he too was not available, he started his work by milking the cows.

Dhaumya said – “Son Upamanyu! It is appropriate for the student to follow the rules of the ashram and not to do any work without the permission of the Guru.” The student accepted his mistake.

Upamanyu also tested his loyalty for several days until he became very weak. The students were satisfied that they were trained by hard work to teach virtue. True knowledge is embodied not in alphabetical knowledge, but in a superior personality matured with virtues.

Motivational story for students no. 6

self victory

The young man Ankmal appeared in front of Lord Buddha and said – “Lord! I want to do some service to the world, send me wherever you want to send me so that I can show people the way of righteousness.’”

The Buddha laughed and said – “Tat! Before giving something to the world, you must have something. Go first, increase your abilities and then serve the world too.”

Ankmal left from there and got involved in the practice of arts. From arrow-making to painting, from mallvidya to sailing, he practiced all the arts he could rigorously for 10 years. Ankmal’s fame as an art scholar spread throughout the country.

Pleased with his praise, Ankmal returned proudly and attended the service of Tathagata. Describing his ability, he said – “Lord! Now I can teach something to everyone in the world. Now I am a master of 64 arts.’”

Lord Buddha smiled and said – “You have come after learning ‘arts’, take the test, then be proud of them.” Next day Lord Buddha disguised as an ordinary citizen went to Ankmal and started telling him unnecessarily blasphemy. When Ankmal got angry and ran to kill him, Buddha came back smiling from there.

On the same day two Buddhist shramanas disguised themselves and went near Ankamal and said – “Acharya! Emperor Harsha has wished to give you a ministerial position. Will you accept that?

Ankmal got greedy, he said – “Yes, come on now.” Both the Shramans also “smiled and returned silently. Ankmal was surprised – what is the matter?

After a while Lord Buddha appeared again. Amrapali was with him. Ankmal, as long as Tathagata stayed there, kept looking at Amrapali again and again. After finishing the talk, Tathagata returned to the ashram. In the evening Ankmal was called again by Buddha Dev and asked – “Watts! Have you also learned the knowledge of victory over anger, lust and greed?

Ankmal remembered all the events of the day. He bowed his head in shame and from that day onwards engaged in the practice of self-conquest.

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Motivational story for students no. 7

truth of majority

A sage was criticizing the present system of governance, then a logician asked him – “Yesterday you were telling the importance of organization power, today the evil of governance, governance is also an organization.” On this the Mahatma replied told a story-

“An owl was sitting on a tree, a swan also sat down on it and naturally said – Today the sun is shining fiercely. This has made the heat hot. The owl said – where is the sun? The heat is caused by the increase in darkness, which is happening even at this time.

swan insisted that look, since you cannot see, you do not know anything about the Sun. But the owl started protesting and hearing that owl’s voice, many owls sitting on a big banyan tree came there and started calling the swan a fool and not accepting the existence of the sun, pounced on the goose.

The swan flew away saying that you have a majority here, whatever you say will be true. It is difficult for the wise in the majority to succeed in rendering the truth. Logical, understanding the difference between organization and majority fell silent.

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motivational story no. 8

Philosopher’s Victory

One day a special communique was issued from Devlok, which created a stir in the three worlds, Akash, Pataal and Prithvi.

The broadcast was as follows – “For the next seven consecutive days, any creature at the main gate of Shri Chitragupta’s laboratory will be able to get a beautiful object by giving an ugly thing in its place. The condition is that he believes in the authority of the creator. Its test will be done there.”

What was it then, everyone started making a list of their changing objects. After remembering, everyone wrote down their things which they found distasteful or unattractive.

On the fixed date, many aircraft were sent from Devlok, which conveniently started taking everyone to Devlok. When everyone reached there, the creator observed the three worlds with the yogic vision of his third eye to see if no one was left.

He found that there was no one left in Heaven and Pataal, only a man lying comfortably on earth, engrossed in his own fun. Go near him. Asked- “‘Hey Man! Have you not heard our order? Why don’t you also go to Chitragupta’s court and replace the ugly things you have with you and bring good things. Do not know that by the growth of good, respect increases.’!

The person said very politely and seriously – “I heard that Lord! But I do not see anything ugly in this creation you have created.

When everything is made by you, your being is pervading everyone, then where can beauty reside there? I see every particle of this world beautiful, Lord! Then how can I dare to call someone unattractive?’! Later it was found that only that man had fulfilled that criterion.

Everyone else had to return disappointed. It was the world-conquest of a philosopher. He who sees beauty in the ugliest things of the world is a true philosopher.

Motivational story for students no. 9

Simplicity is the True Jewelry

Lopamudra prayed to her husband Agastya for some ornaments. The sage was confused, but in order to fulfill his wife’s wish, he did not mind going to his disciples and on the second day took some disciples along with them and went to Srutarva king.

When the king asked him the reason for visiting after being given proper hospitality, the sage narrated his opinion. At the same time, he also said that I will take the money which is earned religiously and is saved from spending in proper works.

Shrutarva sent the Maharishi to the treasurer so that he could check the accounts to see whether he had the money he wanted or not. When Agastya checked the account, the entire state-treasury was found only for the earned income, but at the same time the cost of proper works was so much that there was no savings in it. That is, deposits and expenses were equal.

The sage left from there and reached King Dhanasva’s place and told his opinion in the same way. Like Shrutarva, she also prayed to check the accounts. When checked, the balance was found there too.

Agastya left from there without taking anything. Similarly, he went to the place of many of his other considered rich disciples, but they all turned out to be concerned about the purity of money and nothing was saved in his treasury.

Agastya was returning when he found a demon named Ilvan on the way. When he learned the meaning of the Maharishi, he requested with a request that I have a lot of wealth, you can take as much as you want happily.

When the sage reached Ilvan’s palace and started checking the accounts, he found everything accruing from immorality. That money could be accumulated only from the miserliness of not spending it in proper works. Agastya saw harm in collecting sins and he returned empty handed from there too.

While comforting Lopamudra, who was sitting in waiting, Maharishi said, “Dear, those who earn through religion and spend generously on reasonable expenses have nothing left.

Wealth is found only with miserly people who earn from immorality, so taking it will only hinder our sage’s life.

It is better for you to be lacking while protecting your purity than to be adorned with impure wealth!

Lopamudra understood the justification of her husband’s education and leaving the desire for beauty, she started living happily with simplicity.

don’t be too naive

When two friends talked about distributing the cane field when it was ready, the innocent friend said – “You distribute it, I will take whatever you give.” The clever friend said that I take the root, you take the upper part. He accepted. So the cunning friend took sugarcane and the upper part which is called Agola fell on the hands of the naive friend. Too much innocence in the world is also harmful.


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