Story is an important part of our life, we all deserve some story but there are some stories which are not ours but they are for us. Some of the best Optimistic Short Story have been compiled on this page,

stories not only entertain us, but there are many stories or stories that affect us so much that we turn our life in a new direction. In this article, we will read 8 Optimistic Short Story. Hope you like this page. Find more Stories from here.

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7+ Optimistic Short Story

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Optimistic Short Story No. 1

hard-earned cash

A professor lived in a city. His son was very lazy. Whenever they asked him to do any work, he would have many excuses for not doing that work, he was troubled by this habit.

The son had now grown up and had completed his studies, but there was no improvement in his habit.

One day the professor called the son and said angrily, you have grown so much, you stay in the house all day, leave the house today, come home after earning something, otherwise you will not get food today.

Hearing the father’s words, the son came out with a sad heart and started waiting for the father to go to work outside the house. After his father left, he came home and started crying after telling the whole thing to his mother.

Mother’s heart broke down and she gave 100 rupees to her son. When the father came back home in the evening, he asked the son about his earnings.

The son put that 100 rupees in front of the father. The father understood that the mother had helped him. What did the father say to the son? Throw this money down the drain. The son threw the money in the drain.

The next day the professor’s wife went to her maternal home for some work. He again called the son and said – earn something again today, if you return without earning, you will not get food.

The son came out and as soon as his father went to work, he came home and started crying after telling the whole thing to his sister, seeing the brother crying, the sister gave him 50 rupees.

When the father came in the evening, the son put that 50 rupees in front of him. Father understood that today sister helped him. He said, throw this money in the nearby drain. The son threw it away.

The next day the professor sent his daughter to his friend’s place and said to the son, even today you have to return after earning something.

The son came out but today there was no one to help him. Exhausted, he stood in one place, then there was a cement warehouse in front.

He went to the warehouse and said to the manager, Sir, will I get any work? The manager said, “If you can pick up these cement sacks and put them on the truck, then I can give it to you.”

Seeing no other option, the boy started lifting the sack. After finishing the work, he reached home with Rs 50 he got. When the father returned, he placed that 50 rupees in front of him.

The father asked to throw those money in the nearby drain, then the son said with tears in his eyes, father, I broke my back to earn this money, got hurt in the shoulders, the whole body is hurting and you are giving me this money. Told to throw it in the drain.

Father smiled and said, son, today you have understood the value of hard earned money, I wanted to make you feel the same. Saying this the father hugged the son because that day he had understood the value of hard earned money.

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Optimistic Short Story No. 2

problem solved

There was a person in a city, he was always sad, he always felt that there is no one else in the world who is unhappy with him. Whenever someone spoke to him, he would describe his problems.

After a while the person with him would get up and leave. This made him even more upset that no one is going to listen to him.

One day he came to know that a Mahatma was coming to the city. Who has the solution to all the problems. Knowing this, he reached the Mahatma. Always used to run a convoy with that Mahatma in which there were many camels too.

Reaching the Mahatma, the person said – Guruji, I have heard your big name that you solve all the problems. I am a very sad person. There are always many problems around me. When I solve one, another is born.

When I narrate my ordeal to someone, no one listens at all. The world has become very mean. Now tell me what should I do?

The Mahatma listened carefully to his words and said – Brother, I am very tired now but tomorrow morning I will definitely solve your problem.

In the meantime, do me one thing, the man who takes care of my camels is sick. You take care of them tonight. When all the camels are seated then you go to sleep. I will talk to you tomorrow morning.

The next day the Mahatma called the man. His eyes were red. The Mahatma asked – So tell me, how did you sleep last night? The person said – Guruji, I have not even slept the whole night. You said that when all the camels sit down then go to sleep.

But this did not happen, whenever trying to make one camel sit, the other would stand. All the camels didn’t even sit, that’s why I could not sleep the whole night.

Mahatma ji smiled and said – I knew that so many camels could never sit together, yet I asked you to do so. Hearing this, the person got angry and said – Mahatma ji, I had come to ask you for a solution, but you also troubled me.

Mahatma said – No brother, actually this is the solution to your problem. Any person in the world has the same problem as these camels. If one ends, the other will stand.

Therefore, if you wait for all the problems to end, you will never be able to live peacefully. Problems are part of life. Enjoy life while feeling it. This is the only way to be comfortable in life.

No one in the world is interested in listening to your problems because they also have their own problems. After listening to Mahatma ji, a sense of satisfaction and ease appeared on the face of the person. As if he has got the surefire mantra to deal with all his problems.

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Optimistic Short Story No. 3

help yourselves

There lived a priest in a village, he was a great devotee of God. Once there was a flood in his village. All the people of the village started going towards the higher place with the necessary items.

On the way, the people asked the priest to walk, but the priest said that you go, I believe that God will definitely come to protect me.

The priest started waiting for the Lord. Then a jeep stopped in front of the priest. The people sitting in the jeep asked the priest to walk but the priest again gave the same answer, you guys go, God will come to save me.

The water kept rising. After some time a boatman came to the priest and asked him to go, but the priest told him the same thing.

The water had now come up to the shoulder, but the priest still believed that God would surely come to save him. When the water increased further, he climbed on the roof of the house and started waiting for God.

A short time later a rescue helicopter arrives and throws a rope from above asking the priest to capture him; But even now the priest repeats the same thing that you guys go, God will come to save me, the water kept on increasing.

Eventually the water rose so much that the priest drowned in it and died. When he reached God after death, shouting at God, he said that I was such a great devotee of yours.

I was sure that you would come to my rescue. I waited but you didn’t come, why? God said, I tried to save you thrice but you yourself did not want to be saved.

The first time I sent a jeep for you, you didn’t come. The second time I sent a boat for you but you did not come. For the third time I sent a helicopter for you but still you did not come. So I didn’t break your trust but you did it yourself.

Optimistic Short Story No. 4

frog, and Again frog

A frog started doing a very severe penance. Seeing such a strong loyalty of a petty creature, Shankar ji became compassionate, he asked him – “Vats, do you have any trouble!”

The frog said – “God! There is an evil snake in the neighborhood which keeps giving me fear. It disturbs meditation. Take some such method by which my fear can be removed and I can do penance with a calm mind.

Shankar ji turned the frog into a snake. Now he was not afraid of anything, but after a few days a mongoose started coming there. The frog got scared again. When the frog meditated on Lord Shiva, he appeared. When asked the reason, he narrated a new pain. God made him a weasel.

The frog, who became a weasel, began to meditate happily. Now a wolf started coming there and ambushing the mongoose. When the frog said this agony, God made him a lion.

After a few days, even after becoming a lion, he started getting worried. The frog again called out to Shiva with a sad heart, when he came, he said – “Lord! Make me a frog.”

Lord Shiva asked in astonishment to the frog, who wanted to leave the lion’s body and return to the same small body – “Why so?’!

The frog said – “Lord! Fear never goes away and obstacles never end. The living being can move forward fighting the difficulties boldly in whatever condition it is in. That’s what I understood.

If this is true, then give me the opportunity to be happy by staying in my real body. “His belief was fine. Shankar ji was very satisfied and ordered Singh to complete his penance by remaining a frog.

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Optimistic Short Story No. 5

Time has to be taken

Once upon a time. A retired officer used to live with his wife in Delhi. They had a son, who was working in a software company in America, they also had a daughter, who was working as a management consultant in Singapore.

Once his father called his boy, said, son, I am divorcing your mother today, I thought I would tell you everything before taking this decision.

The son was speechless after listening to the father. Said, Father, what are you saying? You are divorcing your mother at this age, how can you do that?

Father said, I am fed up with your mother’s daily routine, now I cannot live with her, you should also tell this to your sister.

Hearing all this, the distraught son called his sister in Singapore and told the whole thing. The daughter also panicked and called her father, Father, what am I listening to? How can you do that?

How can I leave my mother like this? Father said, look, I have taken this decision, now it is not possible for us to live together and I am going to sign the divorce papers today.

The daughter said, Father, don’t do this, you wait, me and my brother are coming to India in the next two days, we will talk to you, after all what are you doing? I swear to you, don’t do anything till we reach you. The daughter hung up the phone as soon as she got her father’s consent.

Now the father turned to his wife and said, Congratulations! Both of them are coming to us after two days, listening to the husband’s words brought a smile to the wife’s face and the urge to see her children grew in her eyes.

In fact, both of them used to say that they do not have time to come, no matter how much their father says for many years.

Optimistic Short Story No. 6

right time and right decision

Once upon a time. In some city a professor lived with his 25 year old son. He was deeply troubled by his son’s habit of always being confused. His son never does any work at the right time, is unable to take any decision, due to this he would lose his job many times. But he did not understand when to take the right decision in life.

Professor sahib would always tell him, if decisions are not taken on time, then you will have to suffer, but the son did not mind.

One day the professor came to know of a trick. He called his son to his lab. When the son reached there, he saw that the professor had ordered a frog.

He put water in a vessel on the stove and let it boil. When the water boiled completely, he gave the frog pulses in that water.

As soon as the water felt hot to the frog, it immediately jumped and came out of the boiling water. The son didn’t understand what was happening.

The professor signaled the son to sit and watch whatever is happening there. Now he took water in another vessel, put that frog in it and started heating the water.

After a while the water boiled, but the frog did not jump out of that water and died after drowning. The son was surprised to see all this.

Now the professor asked him, son, now tell me that the first frog jumped out, but now he is dead, what is the reason for this?

The son could not understand anything. Professor Sahib said, first when the frog was put in the boiling water, he felt the water being hot and he jumped,

But later on, as the water started heating up, the frog spent its internal energy to make itself fit for that water and by the time the water was completely heated, there was not enough energy left inside that frog to jump out. because he had expended all his energy on himself equal to the temperature of the water.

If at the beginning of the water heating, that frog would have jumped with the right decision, then it would not have gone, that is why it is very important to take the right decision by assessing at the right time in life.

Hearing the father’s words, the son’s eyes gleamed, as if he had got a new way of looking at life.

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Optimistic Short Story No. 7

It is better to practice than to preach

An old chief lived in a village. After getting old enough, he became a preacher, sitting at the chaupal of his village, he used to explain to the people that if one wants to live happily and prosperously in life, then one should never be angry with anyone.

Once a young man was passing through that village, his ear also heard the words of that old man. He liked her words very much.

He was curious to meet the old man and talk about something else. So he again asked the old man, Baba, what should be done if you want to live in peace in life?

The old man repeated the same thing again, if you want to live in peace, then never be angry with anyone, no matter what the situation is in front of you, because anger eats up the conscience and then a person forgets the difference between right and wrong.

The young man asked, what did you say? I said that you should never be angry with anyone in your life.

The young man pretended not to listen and then asked, Sir, I did not listen, what should I do, what did you say? The old man said, hey brother, one should not get angry on anyone under any circumstances, this is the mantra to be happy in life.

The young man again pretended not to hear and said, Baba, I could not hear you, what did you say? Baba said again, open your ears and listen, never get angry on anyone under any circumstances.

This time Baba’s voice was bitter. The young man once again pretended not to listen and said, Baba, I could not hear properly, speak again-

This time the old man cried, Abe donkey, how many times have I said that to be happy in life, never be angry with anyone, but you do not listen, have you become deaf?

The young man said again, Baba you are right, I have not heard, once again tell me what you said.

Now the anger of the old man was on the seventh sky, he picked up a stick kept nearby and said, staring at the young man, now if you do not listen to me, then I will kill you with this stick and make your back red,

I said that no one should be angry under any circumstances, now tell me whether you have heard or not, if you do not listen, I will take your news now. The young man smiled and got up and started towards his destination.

If we have the habit of preaching like that old man, then first of all we have to prove our authenticity by following the principles of that preaching, otherwise no one will take our point seriously.

If a failed person starts telling people the mantra of success, then he is sure to be ridiculed.

If a cigarette smoker starts giving sermons on the diseases caused by smoking, then only his friends will leave no opportunity to make him laugh. Our only problem is that we always try to improve others, but we do not apply that thing to ourselves.

Optimistic Short Story No. 8

Habit never quits

Once upon a time the moon was very beautiful. Every day his face was blooming and the moonlight was lit up all night. After a few days, wretchedness rode on the moon. He kept quiet, giving up the habit of laughing and smiling, he would sit with his face hanging.

As the silence increased, so did the light of the moon. Even in fifteen days he became completely ugly. There was neither light nor moonlight on his face.

The moon reached the creator crying his sorrow and said – “Where has my beauty gone? Why did I turn ugly? The creator said – “You fool, you don’t even know that much. Laughing is beauty, smiling is the name of moonlight. Go, leave the wretchedness and keep smiling every moment every day, your beauty will come back again.”

The moon obeyed the creator, he again tried to laugh. The more success she got, the more her beauty shone, in fifteen days it again reached its old condition. The full moon day shone with full light.

But old habit! She did not get released. The wretched again rode on him, he again adopted the pattern of hanging his face and keeping quiet, then the same condition happened again. By the time of the new moon, he again became black ugly.

Seeing this, he panicked and started smiling again keeping in mind the advice of the creator and gradually he increased his lost beauty again.

Like the others, the Moon eventually became a slave of habit. For fifteen days, a wretched person rides on it, then the face remains hanging, but its light decreases. When he regains consciousness, he regains his lost beauty by smiling. This sequence has been going on since time immemorial.


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