Inspirational Story motivates us to work towards our goal. There can be many sources of this inspiration, it can be parents, family and society as well as instructive learning stories.

This page is a compilation of 10 Inspirational Story, read in a sequence by all, hope you like it. Find more Stories from here.

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Inspirational Story

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Listing of 10 English Inspirational Story

Inspirational Story no. 1


In some city, there used to be two brothers named Suraj and Sriharsha. They often shared their things with each other. Both had taken admission in a college in Delhi.

Sriharsha was inclined towards films and media and wanted to make a career in the same field. One day he saw an advertisement in a Delhi newspaper. New boys were called to audition for the lead character of a new film.

Because the producer of that film was looking for a new face for his film. Seeing the advertisement, Sriharsha got excited and planned to go for the audition.

Sriharsha told Suraj – Brother, I have to go for this audition. You also go with me. The sun wanted to rest. He refused to leave.

Mr. Harsh said – If you will go with me, I will feed you pizza. Suraj was very fond of pizza. He could not turn down this offer. Along with Sriharsha, he reached the venue of the audition.

A huge crowd of at least three-four thousand contestants had gathered. Sriharsha was waiting for his turn. Sooraj was sitting quietly in the same corner waiting for the early audition to end and he would get to eat pizza.

Then a casting agent of a film unit caught sight of Sooraj. He asked Suraj, who are you? Sooraj says I have come with my brother, he has come here to audition.

The agent said are you interested in films? Suraj said yes. The agent proposed, so why not attend the audition? Sooraj thought the proposal was not bad. He also stood in the audition line. Audition completed.

After a while everyone’s eyes were on the decision to come. When the result was announced, everyone was shocked. Sooraj was selected for the role after defeating thousands of those contestants.

This is a true story. The full name of that boy is Suraj Sharma and the name of the movie ‘Life of Pi’ which released worldwide in the year 2012.

Suraj Sharma played the lead role in this film and his supporting actors were Irrfan Khan and Tabu. Suraj’s luck favored him because he had talent.

A thinker said – Luck also favors you only when you have talent.

Inspirational Story no. 2

nothing is more important than faith

Once a plane flew from Delhi to San Francisco. The plane was full. The holiday season had started, so many people were going for a holiday with their families. The enthusiasm of the people was at its peak.

Many people were visiting abroad for the first time. Not even an hour had passed since the plane took off, then the plane started hesitating.

Then the air hostess’s voice was heard on the speaker above the seat, the weather is bad, all of you are requested to fasten your seat belt. There was an atmosphere of panic among the people, especially among the first time air travelers.

Sometime passed that then the air hostess announced, We are sorry that we will not be able to serve breakfast due to bad weather.

With this, the plane started hesitating badly. Now the condition of the passengers started deteriorating. In the middle of all these a seat about 12 years old girl was playing her video game.

He had a smile on his face and the surrounding environment had no effect on him. But many people in the plane even started chanting the mantra.

After a while, the sound of loud lightning was heard. The sound was so hoarse that even the sound of the plane’s engine was lost in it and the passengers inside the plane, hearing the sound, thought that the plane might have been pushing ahead of it after hitting something.

Now there was a lot of fear on the faces of the passengers and the sound of crying was heard from the panic of many. For some time, the passengers felt that the balance of the plane got disturbed and the plane would crash in a short while.

In all these circumstances there was no expression of fear or panic on her face. Well, after a while everything went back to normal.

When the plane landed at the San Francisco airport, a person asked the girl son, we were all very scared at that time, but you were absolutely normal, tell me, were you not scared at that time in the plane?

The girl smiled and said – No uncle, I was not scared at all, because the pilot of this plane is my father and I know that he will not let anything happen to me. The man was stunned to see the girl’s faith.

Inspirational Story no. 3

understanding of life

It is the year 1893. This was the time of Swami Vivekananda’s lifetime. Swami Vivekananda had become very popular not only in the country but also abroad with his scholarship.

He was often called to speak in a seminar. Once he was called from Chicago, USA to speak in a seminar.

Vivekananda was highly influenced by his mother and his mother would often guide him.

When mother came to know about Vivekananda going to America, she sent information to Vivekananda and said, today you come home to have food , because I also want to check that you are now mature enough to go abroad and speak in a seminar Or not.

Actually, in those days Swamiji used to be on tour often. Swamiji reached home at the appointed time today on the orders of his mother. Mother had cooked food of his choice.

Swamiji tasted and ate the food. After that the mother gave him an apple, along with a knife and asked him to eat the fruit. Swamiji cut the apple and ate it.

Then the mother asked him for a knife. Swamiji gave the knife to the mother. Mother said, son, now I am sure that you have become capable of going abroad and imparting knowledge to the people.

Swamiji did not understand anything. He said in surprise, Mother, I have not done any such thing and you have not taken any test for me.

Mother smiled and said, son, now I asked you for a knife, you grabbed the edge of this sharp knife and put the wooden part of the knife in front of me,

So that I can hold it comfortably and I do not get hurt, but while doing this you did not care that you could also get hurt by the sharp edge,

That’s why you have passed this exam, go and spread your knowledge in the country and the world. Hearing this, Swamiji bowed his head in reverence in front of his mother and after saluting his mother, he left for America.

Inspirational Story no. 4

false love

A young man used to come to the ashram of a perfect Mahatma. The Mahatma was pleased with his service and said – “Son! Self-welfare is the true goal of human life, it should be fulfilled only.

Hearing this, the young man said – “Your Majesty! How will my parents survive if I wear Vairagya? Also my young wife lays down her life on me, she will die in my separation.” The Mahatma said – “No one will die son! This is all pretentious love. If you don’t agree, take the test.”

When the young man agreed, the Mahatma taught him to do pranayama and became ill and ordered him to stop breathing. The young man went home and did the same.

Big doctors were called but he held his breath in such a way that everyone thought him dead. The family members started crying out loud thinking him to be dead. Many people from the neighborhood gathered.

Then the Mahatma also reached there and seeing the young man, praising his merit and dignity, said – “We will bring this boy alive, but you will have to sacrifice something. “The people of the house said – you take away all our wealth, house to house, even life, but make it alive. “Mahatma said – ‘Bring a bowl of milk. Immediately the order was obeyed.

The Mahatma recited some mantra by putting a pinch of ash in it and said – “Whoever drinks this milk will die and this boy will be alive.” Now the problem was who should drink the milk. The parents said – “If it does not survive, then one more life will be lost. If we stay, the son will become more. ‘Wife said – “If you are alive this time then what will happen, will you die sometime again. Will have to die. If they are not there, I will spend my life happily in my maternal home.

Relatives started peeping side by side and neighbors had already disappeared. Then the Mahatma said – “Well, I only drink this milk.” So everyone was happy and said – “Yes sir! you are blessed The life of sages and saints is for charity. “Mahatma drank the milk and shook the young man and said –

Get up son! Now you have fully understood that who lays down his life for you? The young man immediately got up and fell at the feet of the Mahatma. He went with the Mahatma, even after many of the family members stopped him, and renouncing worldly attachments, started doing spiritual practice for self-welfare.

Inspirational Story no. 5

imitation is good, not blind imitation

Two young men lived in a village. There was great friendship between the two. Wherever they go, they go together. Once both of them went with a rich man to his in-laws’ house. This was the first time he had lived with a rich man, so he kept watching every move of his rich friend.

It was hot days. At night, the arrangement for sleeping for the young man was made in an open place. To maintain sufficient coolness, water was sprinkled all around there and a very light velvet sheet was given to cover the night.

The other two young men only knew that such a way of living was a matter of nobility. After a few days, they also got an opportunity to visit their respective in-laws, but those days were not of summer but of winter. Copying is copying. To show their nobility, both of them put the bed under the open sky, even after people’s refusal, they also sprinkled water around the bed and took a total of each sheet to cover that too lightly.

It was frosty at night, so both of them got pneumonia. When medical treatment was done, life was saved with difficulty. After narrating so many stories, Guruji explained to the disciple – “Tat! The fool who follows others without considering what is right and wrong is in the same trouble as the two young men.’!

Inspirational Story no. 6

seeker’s test

A disciple asked his teacher the way of self-realization. At first he explained, son, this is a difficult path, painful actions have to be done. You will not be able to do difficult sadhnas, but when he saw that the disciple did not agree, then he ordered to come on the last day after chanting Gayatri Mantra in solitude for a year.

The disciple did the same. On the day of completion of the year, Acharya told the woman giving the broom that when such a disciple comes, then blow dust on him with a broom. The woman did the same. The seeker ran to kill her in anger, but she ran away.

He again took a bath and attended Acharya’s service. Acharya said – “Now you are running like a snake to bite, so do meditation for one more year.” The seeker got angry, but he had a strong desire to see the soul in some way or the other, so he left after taking the Guru’s order.

After completing the second year, Acharya asked the broom sweeper to touch the broom when that person came. When he came, the woman did the same. But this time he went to take a bath only after giving some abuses and then appeared in front of Acharya ji.

Acharya said – “Now you do not run to bite, but you must hiss, so do sadhna for one more year.”

At the end of the third year, Acharya ji asked the woman to pour out the garbage basket. The disciple did not get angry when the woman did so, but with folded hands he said – “‘O mother! You are blessed.’

Be ready to try to remove my fault for three years. After bathing again, he appeared in Acharya’s service and fell at his feet.

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Inspirational Story no. 7

Mary’s gift

Mary’s husband was very poor, but there was immense love, unshakable loyalty, infinite purity between husband and wife. He used to celebrate his marriage anniversary every year. On that day, they used to express satisfaction, happiness and mutual gratitude for the performance of their past life duties. They used to ask for forgiveness of mistakes and took a pledge to perform more sincere duties in the future.

This was the first wedding day they had nothing to give to each other. Mary’s hair was very beautiful but there was no comb to groom them. The husband had a watch but he did not have a chain. Both wanted to give gifts to each other, but what to give was a surprise to both of them.

Both went to the market. Quietly, separately. Mary cut her beautiful hair and sold it, the money she got from her bought a watch chain for her husband. The husband sold his watch and bought a comb for Mary.

Both reached home at the appointed time with their respective gifts. But seeing this, both were sad for a while that the watch for which the chain came was also sold, the hair for which the comb came was also cut.

Both were sad for a while, but when both of them remembered their love-feeling for each other, then their heart throbbed.

Wherever this kind of unconditional and selfless love takes place, the real contact of the Divine is visible there. The meaning of love lies in the selfless feeling.

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Inspirational Story no. 8

cause of destruction

Some woodcutter wandered in a forest with the intention of cutting wood and started inspecting the trees. Seeing them doing this, the trees of the forest started mourning. Seeing them mourning, an old banyan tree asked – “Brothers! Why are you mourning like this?!! The trees said – “You can’t see that these many woodcutters were walking around looking at all of us. In no time it will cut them all down.

The banyan tree consoled them and said – “You are all worrying in vain, the woodcutter cannot harm any of us.’

After some time the woodcutter set up their tents in the forest and started making plans to cut. The trees started getting sad now. The tree again explained to them – ‘You all be happy. We are all so strong that their plan can never be successful. Hearing about the banyan tree, the concern for the trees kept going.

But when one day many iron axes came in the form of axes, the poor tree started calling the banyan tree good and bad. He said – “You were saying that these woodcutter cannot succeed in their plan. But day by day he is going to try to cut us all. Now even iron axes have come in the form. Now none of us are well.”

The banyan tree said again – “Not only this, why should not four times as many axes come out of it and so many loggers get together, even then we can’t pluck any of us’s hair.

But one day when the wooden axes fell on the axes, before the other trees could say anything, the banyan tree said – “Brothers! Now even Brahma, the creator of this universe, cannot save all of us. We will all be cut off.’

All the trees of the forest started saying to the banyan – “When we used to talk about cutting down, you used to think us fools and used to believe that these woodcutter can not harm us, but what has happened now that you yourself are disappointed. Started talking!”

The banyan tree replied seriously – ‘Till then only the woodcutter and the axe were the helpers of each other, so we were not in any danger. But now look, the wood of our own clan is helping us in our destruction by becoming the bent of the woodcutter’s axe.

When one’s own person becomes the helper of the enemy, then it becomes impossible to escape from destruction. “The banyan tree turned out to be right. From the very next day, the woodcutter started wielding axes on the trees and in no time cut down the forest and brought it down.

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Inspirational Story no. 9

root of superstition

There was one Pandit ji! His name was Sajjan Prasad. He was gentleman, virtuous and also a devotee of God, but he did not know that there is any scientific form of religion.

Pandit ji used to blow conch shell after finishing the puja every morning. On hearing that voice, the donkey of the neighborhood would rise up thinking it to be the voice of a gotrabandhu. Pandit ji would be happy that this donkey must have been a great ascetic and devotee of some previous birth.

One day the donkey did not cry, Pandit ji found out that the donkey was dead. He bowed his head in honor of the donkey and performed a ritualistic offering.

In the evening he went to the bania shop. Baniya got suspicious – “Maharaj! Why is this head shaved today? ‘Oho! Brother Shankhraj’s life has come to an end. Bania was the host of the Pandit, he also shaved his head. As far as the word spread, people kept shaving their heads.

A soldier came here to become a baniya, he saw all the villagers shave their heads, came to know that Shankhraj ji Maharaj was no more, so he also got his head shaved. Gradually the whole army shaved its heads.

The officers were surprised. He asked – “What happened brother? While finding out, reached Pandit ji’s statement and when it came to know that Shankhraj was a donkey, everyone’s faces bowed in shame.

An officer told the soldiers – “Many such superstitions have spread in the society only because their origin is not known. Religion is not traditionalist, it is for the prestige of truth, it is the path of reform and harmony, it should be followed.

Inspirational Story no. 10

the fruit of greediness

Once a Sethji intended to feed a Brahmin, but he was too greedy. One day Sethji was talking to a village Brahmin, when Sethji asked him – ‘How much would you be eating, sir? The Maharaj said – ‘Almost a splash. Hearing this, Lalaji invited him and said – “I will go on business tomorrow, you should go home and have food.’

Same thing Sethji told Sethani after coming home that I will go out on business tomorrow, if Brahmin ji comes, give whatever he asks for. Sethji thought, Panditji eats only a splash, so he will not take much.

On the second day the Brahmins came to have food, so as soon as they came, they blessed Sethani. He gave great hospitality to Panditji. As soon as he came from Panditji, Sethani asked – ‘Tell Panditji what do you want.’

Knowing the opportunity, Panditji took 10 tonnes of flour, four tonnes of rice, two tonnes of sugar, one ton of ghee, five tonnes of salt and two tonnes of spices and sent them home, then after having food, came home with two hundred Asharfis in Dakshina.

And as soon as he came, he was lying at home and said to the Brahmin – “If Sethji comes, then you start crying and saying that you are very sick since you have come from here.”

Here Sethji came home tired, hungry and thirsty from outside. Asked Sethani – ‘Have you had your Brahmin ji?

Sethani told all the things and also told about giving dakshina, Seth fainted after hearing it. On regaining consciousness, he went to the Brahmin’s house. On seeing him, the Brahmin started crying and said – “Since they have come from your place after eating, don’t know what has happened?” seriously ill. There is no hope of survival.’” Hearing this, Sethji was very nervous.

Sethji said with folded hands to the Brahmin – “Don’t shout, we give you two hundred more rupees, you give them medicine, but do not say that they went to eat at Seth ji’s house.” Well, this is the result of being very greedy.


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