Some of the best inspirational religious story has been compiled on this page, read all the stories as they are all fun and interesting.

stories not only entertain us, but there are many stories or stories that affect us so much that we turn our life in a new direction. In this article, we will read 10 Inspirational religious story. Hope you like this page. Find more Stories from here.

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Inspirational religious story

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10+ inspirational religious story

Inspirational religious story No. 1

meditation and creation

The fourth phase of the night of Mahapralaya, Prajapati Brahma’s sleep was broken. After remembering God, he left his bed with the desire to create the world again and when he came out, he saw that the world was already ready. “The creation of which I was thinking about, it is already ready.” Brahma was astonished to think of this.

He asked the Sun God – “Dev! What am I seeing, only me Prajapati has the power and authority to create the universe, then who created this world? The gods laughed and said – “Great man! You only saw this on one side. Now you should look in other directions also.’!

When Prajapati looked around in the direction of the ten directions, he saw every single creation everywhere. This only deepened their confusion. Astonished Brahma said – “Lord! Don’t puzzle over anymore. Please tell who created all these creations? How come someone like me has potential?’!

The Sun God said – “Prajapati! In your previous creation, a Brahmin named Indu did not have any children for a long time, then he worshiped Lord Shiva. Shiva was pleased and granted him the boon of ten sons. In due course of time, ten sons were born to Indu. His education and initiation was completed that one day Brahmin Indu died.

The sons thought that some work should be done by which the fame of our father becomes immortal. They all decided that till date no human has created the world, so ten of us should become ten Brahmas and create ten worlds in memory of our father. With this decision he sat down to meditate on you.

Within a few days, while meditating on you, his resolve got ripe, then he got the same power as you and you are seeing the miracle ahead of him. After narrating so many stories, Maharishi Vashistha said – “Oh Ram! This is the science of meditation with mantra. Whatever a man meditates on with firmness, the same becomes of power.

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Inspirational religious story No. 2

Mystery of Life

A fierce battle was going on between the Devas and the Asuras. The gods could not stand before the weapons force and fighting skills of the demons. They ran away to save their lives, all together reached Maharishi Dattatreya and told him the story of their calamity.

The Maharishi, with patience, asked them to fight again. Then there was a fight but the gods were defeated again and then ran to Maharishi Dattatreya after saving his life.

Now this time the asuras also followed them. They also reached Dattatreya’s ashram. The Asuras saw a young woman sitting next to him in Dattatreya’s ashram.

Simply, the demons forgot to fight and became infatuated with the woman. The woman who had changed form was Lakshmi ji, the asuras grabbed her and ran away. Dattatreya ji said to the deities – Now prepare and attack the demons again. A fight broke out and the gods conquered the Asuras.

The demons have fallen. Having won victory, the gods again came to Dattatreya and started asking – ‘Lord! What is the secret of defeating twice and victorious last time? Is. Half the force of the Asuras was destroyed in the attempt to kidnap the woman, then only you could conquer them.”!

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Inspirational religious story No. 3

the biggest wonder in the world

Pandavas were in the forest. One day he felt very thirsty. Sahadeva was sent in search of water. Soon he found a lake but was yet to drink water, the voice of a yaksha came – “It will not be good if you drink water without answering my questions”!

Sahadeva was thirsty. Ignoring the sound, he drank water and fell unconscious there. Bhima and Arjuna also came and fell unconscious. Finally Dharmaraja reached Yudhishthira.

The Yaksha told him the same thing. Yudhishthira said – “God! I am seeing the condition of my brothers who work without thinking. I will not take water without answering your question. Ask a question The Yaksha asked – ‘What is the biggest wonder in the world?

Yudhishthira replied – “Dev! One by one the whole world is being swallowed up in the face of death, yet those who are alive think that we will never die, what can be more surprising than this.'” The Yaksha was very pleased and asked to drink water. Gave the order The four brothers were also given district.

Inspirational religious story No. 4


Although Shabri was a Bhilini of the caste, his heart was filled with true devotion to the Lord. As dirty as she looked from outside, her conscience was pure and clean from inside.

Whatever she would do in the name of God, she had a great longing for the sight of God and she also believed that one day she would definitely have the vision of God.

There were ashrams of many sages in the forest where Shabari lived. He had a great desire to serve those sages and hear the story of God from them. Many sages did not accept to narrate the story to him because he belonged to a low caste and rebuked him like a dog.

But this did not create any anguish nor despair in his heart. He devised a way to serve the sages. She used to sweep the path from the ashram of the sages to the water source every day, free from thorns and cut woods from the forest for their use and put them in front of the ashram. This sequence of Shabari continued for months, but the sage did not know who was going to serve him indirectly.

The reason for this secrecy was that Shabri used to come after midnight to complete his work. When that program went on uninterruptedly for a long time, the sages became very curious to find out their indirect servant.

He woke up one night and found out that it was the same Bhilani who had been scolded many times and driven away from the door.

Matang Rishi saw this. They took Shabri to stay near his hut. When Lord Rama went to exile, he considered Matang sage to be paramount and hugged him first and ate the berry of Shabari lovingly.

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Inspirational religious story No. 5

human imperfection

It was the wish of Brahmaji to “create the world.” implemented it. First made a dog and asked him to know the achievement of his lifestyle – “Do you lack anything to live in the world?’ The dog said – “God! I see all scarcity as lack, no clothes, no food, no house, and no capacity to produce them.

Brahmaji regrets a lot. Then started composing and this time made a bull. When he reached Brahmaloka after completing his life cycle, he asked the same question to him. The bull was sad and said – “God! What did you also make me, dry grass to eat, no difference between hands and feet, put more horns. Where should I go with this ugly body?

Then Brahmaji created a man with an absolutely beautiful body. Even Brahmaji asked him – ‘Vats, do you see any imperfection in yourself? After a while the newly created man said on the basis of experience – “God! There is no such thing in my life which I can satisfy by calling progress or prosperity.’!

Brahma ji said seriously – ‘Vats! Gave you heart, gave you soul, gave you a wonderful body with immense potential. Even now you are incomplete, no one can complete you.

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Inspirational religious story No. 6

non-attachment work

Ashvaghosha became disinterested. Due to distaste for pleasures and detachment from the world, he left home. He wandered everywhere with the desire to see God, but could not find peace. Ashwaghosh, tired of not seeing food for several days, reached a barn.

A farmer was engaged in his work in a calm and happy posture. Seeing him, Ashvaghosh asked – “Friend! What’s the secret of your happiness?!” ‘Ishwar-darshan’ he answered briefly.

Can you show me that God too? Ashvaghosh pleaded with humility. Saying well, the farmer took out some rice. Cooked them, made two parts, one for himself, the other for Ashvaghosha. Both ate rice, after eating the farmer got busy in his work. Ashwaghosh fell asleep after being tired for several days.

The food and many days of labor in intense hunger led to a deep sleep. And when he woke up, he had never felt such peace, light-heartedness, like that day before. The farmer was gone and now Ashvaghosh’s momentary dispassion had also vanished. He realized that non-attachment work is the true path to God-darshan.

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Inspirational religious story No. 7

be soul oriented

The glory of Nripendra, the majestic emperor of Mahishmati, was spreading like the full moon. There was no dearth of anything like treasury, army, gold, beauty, power. Maharaj Nupendra was a prajavatsal and a jurist. The whole people also looked at him with great reverence.

time elapsed. Powers decreased. body broken. Old age began to increase and with it the anger and anguish began to spread within Nripendra. He stopped talking. Didn’t even meet anyone. The sad, restless king did not know in what worry would he have been immersed.

One day, early in the morning the emperor left for Rajvan. Nripendra, who was situated facing east on a crystal rock, was still searching for something. Slowly the sun rose in the morning. His rays fell in Rajsarovar and the lotus started blooming. Slowly the lotus blossomed completely and started spreading its glory everywhere.

A voice erupted from the soul – have you still not understood the secret of where the light of the sun comes from? Isn’t light its diffraction? The glory of the lotus erupts from within. All this life which is visible everywhere emanates from within the world-spirit. The source of bliss is within you, it has to be awakened by you. For that one has to become self-oriented and do spiritual practice.

Inspirational religious story No. 8

Panchagni Vidya

Vajishrava organized the Vishwajit Yagya for his son Nachiketa, wishing for the fruit of the Yagya. In this yagya, Vajishrava gave all his wealth.

When Vajishrava asked for cows to give dakshina, Nachiketa saw that they were all old and not giving milk, so he said without arrogance – “Father, one who gives useless charity does not get heaven.”

Vajishrava became enraged at this and he donated his son Nachiketa to Yamacharya. Yama said – “Vats! I bestow you with beauty, youth, inexhaustible wealth and many pleasures.” But Nachiketa said – ‘What will I do with the happiness which is momentary and the body is about to become obsolete, give me the vision of the soul. Unless I know myself, the pleasures are useless.”

Seeing the strong curiosity, integrity and austerity required for sadhana, Yama taught Panchagni Vidya (Kundalini awakening) to Nachiketa, from which Nachiketa got the power of immortality.

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Inspirational religious story No. 9

gods do not serve

A guru had two disciples. Both were great devotees of God. After worshiping God, he used to help the Guru in the treatment of the patients who came to the ashram.

One day a suffering patient arrived at the time of worship. The Guru called the disciples who were worshiping. The disciples sent saying – “There is still a little worship left, they will come as soon as the worship is over.”! Guruji again sent the man again. This time the disciples came. But he expressed impatience at being called suddenly.

The Guru said- “I had called you to serve this person, even gods can offer prayers, but only human beings can help the needy. Service is higher than prayer, because the gods cannot serve.” The disciples were very ashamed of their act and from that day onwards started giving more importance to service than to prayer.

Inspirational religious story No. 10

true knower of Gita

Caitanya Mahaprabhu had set out on a journey to the south from Jagannathpuri. On the way, I saw a Brahmin reciting Gita on the bank of a lake. He was so engrossed in the recitation of the Gita that he did not care for his body, his heart was throbbing and tears were flowing from his eyes.

At the end of the lesson, Chaitanya asked – “You were pronouncing the verses incorrectly, where would you know its meaning?” He replied – “God! Where can I learn Sanskrit? When I sit to study, it seems that a huge army is standing on both sides in the field of Kurukshetra. Where Lord Krishna is saying something to Arjuna on a chariot in the middle. I am crying seeing them.” Caitanya Mahaprabhu said- “Brother, you have come to know the true meaning of the Gita.” And embraced him.

Bonus Inspirational religious story

Inspirational religious story No. 11

Bhishma’s promise

King Shantanu wanted to marry Satyavati, a beautiful girl. When he proposed Satyavati’s father’s arrival, he replied that if you promise to give kingdom etc. to the child born from the womb of my daughter, then I can accept this offer.

Shantanu was confused, because his first queen Ganga’s son Bhishma was present and he was also the official of the state. Shantanu returned but he started feeling sad in his heart.

When Bhishma came to know about this, he considered it his duty to satisfy his father and went to Satyavati’s father and made a promise that I would give up my kingdom.

Satyavati’s son will be the ruler of the state. Not only this, I will remain unmarried for the rest of my life so that my children do not start establishing their right on that throne. Satyavati’s father was satisfied with this promise and he got his daughter married to Shantanu. Not seeing the fault of his father, making great sacrifices for his happiness is the ideal fatherly devotion of Bhishma.

Inspirational Short Story No. 12

acquire qualities along with reading

A shopkeeper was reading a book on behavioral science. At the same time a simple person came and asked out of curiosity – ‘What are you studying brother?

On this the shopkeeper said annoyed – ‘How can a fool like you understand this book. The person laughed and said – “I understand, you are reading some astrology book, only then did you understand that I am a fool.”

The shopkeeper said- ‘It is not astrology, it is a book of behavioral science. She quipped – “That’s why your behavior is so beautiful.” Those who humiliate others have to humiliate themselves. Reading is useful only when it is put into practice.


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